Jeevesh Sabharwal — Marketer and Real Estate Professional

jeevesh sabharwal marketer and real estate professional
jeevesh sabharwal marketer and real estate professional

Jeevesh Sabharwal is dynamic and energetic Professional in the real estate industry. Jeevesh has done his Business Administration from Western International University, USA. During his Business Administration course he worked on various marketing projects related to Real Estate, Marketing Consultancy, Consumer Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and other related field during his course. Jeevesh Sabharwal has a reputation of enthusiastic and sincere student during his college days. He was always been admired by his Professors and Lecturers during his school and college days. Jeevesh also actively participated in various sports like Judo Karate, Cricket, Squash and Football.

Jeevesh Sabharwal is known personality in Real estate and is known for his Marketing strategies. Over the years, He has built an excellent network among various professional in the real estate industry. He has been recognized for various Marketing campaigns and strategies. He is considered a problem solver in Real estate industry. By his focussed approach and excellent Team Management skills, he has built a large team of sales professionals. He has provided various kinds of trainings to his team members in terms of lead generation, building relationships, negotiation skills, account management, forecasting and so on. Jeevesh Sabharwal is highly reputed by his team members and they consider him as their Mentor. Jeevesh also provides marketing consultancy in Real estate and related industries. If you looking for a through Professional who has deep understandingon both Real estate industry and various Marketing techniques and strategies related to it, Jeevesh Sabharwal is the best person for the same.

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