how to actually organize specialized knowledge to your benefit
how to actually organize specialized knowledge to your benefit

There are 2 types of knowledge. Specialized and general. As we dive into chapter 5 of Think and Grow Rich we examine both types. In addition how they’re applied in the pursuit of riches to your benefit. Understanding the difference between the two is critical. General knowledge is taught in public schools and universities. Specialized however is attained through either experience of mentoring.

“An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or it’s equivalent, without violating the rights of others.” ~Napoleon Hill

You can get all the knowledge you need

During a tour of duty in Oklahoma City in 2014 I found inspiration through a popular rap artist/ musician/ business man, Rick Ross. He actually includes Napoleon Hill’s excerpt on the master mind principle. With such great mentors like Sean Carter, and Sean Combs he is literally acquiring specialized knowledge through his master mind of other successful businessmen in his industry to his own benefit. Take a listen.

Public schools and universities employ faculty to specifically teach you general knowledge. Most teachers and professors however have but little money. Why is that? According to Money Magazine, The national average salary for public school teachers was $58,064 in 2015–2016. They specialize in teaching you general knowledge. What they don’t teach you however is how to organize and apply it. This is how you develop specialized knowledge.

Prior to transmuting desire into riches you will need to acquire specialized knowledge of your service, merchandise, or profession for which you intend to offer in return for your fortune. Without a road map on how to acquire this specialized knowledge it can be difficult by yourself. This is where learning to develop and leverage your “Master Mind” in the process of attaining it.

One may come to believe Ross’ whole album was inspired by Nap Hill’s book the Law of Success Chapter 1 “The Concept of the Mastermind.”

The Road to specialized knowledge

Currently we are in week 5, with 10 weeks to with Think and Grow Rich. Lets reflect shall we? In week one we discussed thoughts are actually things. If you can think it, you can achieve it. Knowing that luck is simply preparation aligning with opportunity also helps form our perspective. Our desire documented through our clear and concise message that we repeat twice daily is backed with faith. Finally through auto suggestion we begin our journey to apply them all accordingly.

“Unfortunately for those who who do not find riches in abundance, specialized knowledge is more abundant, and more easily acquired than ideas.” ~Napoleon Hill

Rick Ross released his debut album in 2006. Prior to that he was in the industry I have witnessed how he has followed the principles of this inspirational classic. At his current age of 42, he is still wildly successfully outside of the music industry. I’m most certain he is familiar with Hill’s book. So much so he named is his album “Master Mind” which released in March of 2014.

Forbes ranked him at #18 on the Hip Hop Cash Kings list of 2017. Do you think there is any coincidence that both Carter ranked at #3, and Combs are ranked at #1? That’s what you would call his own personal Master Mind.

In conclusion

Knowing the differences between general, and specialized knowledge will help us elevate our efforts. To this day I am thankful I was introduced to the network marketing industry. It was there I fell in love with reading books to acquire specialized knowledge.

As American’s our biggest challenge to breakthrough is changing how we think. From employee to business owner. Our tendency to revert back to habit and think like employees cripples us from elevating our minds.

In this chapter we learned how and why this knowledge is important. William Ross AKA Rick Ross is a fine example to connect the dots in a way we can relate to it’s business application. After all you are a combination of the people you associate with most. Conduct an inventory today to get an idea where you’re headed in life.

In the next chapter we will examine imagination. The workshop of the mind. I’m especially excited to dive into this chapter. With all the creatives in the world now even 40 something old’s can acquire specialized knowledge to apply in their pursuit of riches.

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