2018 top producers nos 326 400
2018 top producers nos 326 400

The 2018 countdown of the National Mortgage News Top Producers list begins by featuring the loan officers ranked 326 to 400.

Karen Dulmage of First Home Mortgage is No. 366 in the 2018 Top Producers Rankings.

The results of this year’s rankings reflect a market in transition. Mortgage interest rates began to rise after the 2016 elections and as that trend continued into 2017, refinance volume fell precipitously. In response, lenders began to put more emphasis on the purchase mortgage market. Unfortunately, while consumer demand for homes showed marked improvement, a severe dearth in available inventory for sale stifled the housing market.

A new component of this year’s Top Producers program is an in-depth survey that explores how professionals are pursuing new market opportunities and contend with industry challenges. Data, insights and analysis of the results are available in a special report available here.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Top Producers program. The rankings are open to mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers who work at depository, nonbank and mortgage brokerage firms in the United States.

Information submitted about 2017 loan production was used to compile this year’s Top Producer Rankings. Loan officers who submitted data for the survey represent the entire spectrum of the origination business, from banks and credit unions to mortgage bankers and mortgage brokerages, and their titles range from loan officer all the way to company president.

The 2018 Top Producer rankings countdown will continue until the top 25 loan officers are revealed on April 12 and the entire list is published in a special section of the print edition of National Mortgage News.

RankNameCompanyDollar VolumeNumber of Loans
326Pam CaldwellCertainty Home Loans$38,269,720246
327Allen CoombsBay Equity Home Loans$38,215,064180
328Mona EdickBay Equity Home Loans$38,044,446185
329Michael JonesVIP Mortgage$37,511,464154
330Carl HendrixFBC Mortgage$37,416,945135
331Blair AndersonGuild Mortgage$37,300,750204
332James NuessleinBBMC Mortgage$37,144,277105
333Robert O’ConnellFirst Home Mortgage$37,137,248162
334Molly MeekerBay Equity Home Loans$36,993,909132
335James JuergensCertainty Home Loans$36,917,678139
336Craig RhodesLending Edge Mortgage$36,849,696161
337Linda WolfensonloanDepot$36,574,92992
338Trish KirschGuild Mortgage$36,219,68591
339Oren OrkinGuaranteed Rate$36,185,865116
340Sammy IliopoulosGuaranteed Rate$36,068,03899
341Julie WhalenGuild Mortgage$35,969,316128
342Michael ColagrossiBay Equity Home Loans$35,856,62278
343Ted MalkhasianGuaranteed Rate$35,802,27091
344Scott CarterFBC Mortgage$35,757,040155
345George AdairBay Equity Home Loans$35,564,95082
346Matthew KiaserVIP Mortgage$35,427,878141
347Indu KapoorGuaranteed Rate$35,328,461154
348Laura TriplettAtlantic Coast Mortgage$35,044,104124
349David StrassnerFirst Home Mortgage$34,936,477124
350Tim KellyHighlands Residential Mortgage$34,833,25689
351Sean GoudreauGuaranteed Rate$34,750,888103
352Todd AlbrechtGuaranteed Rate$34,534,18995
353Chad AndersonloanDepot$34,319,385161
354Hajir NejatiBay Equity Home Loans$34,294,02454
355Rob PurvisV.I.P. Mortgage$34,274,333159
356Jamie TyndallloanDepot$34,189,57758
357Liz RyanGuaranteed Rate$34,003,827112
358Manny GomesGuaranteed Rate$34,000,000134
359Daniel LariosGuaranteed Rate$33,716,035127
360Julie ArnoldHighlands Residential Mortgage$33,481,053129
361Jacob DeeganSimplify Home Loans$33,427,786126
362Joseph PatteeGuild Mortgage$33,248,251169
363Scott FosgateFBC Mortgage$33,189,786119
364Rob SlovinGuaranteed Rate$33,113,023174
365Cameron OwensloanDepot$33,090,70186
366Karen DulmageFirst Home Mortgage$33,010,131110
367Jon DiClementiGuaranteed Rate$33,000,00080
368Samantha ZumwaltParamount Residential Mortgage$32,922,525158
369Jim GiaconeGuaranteed Rate$32,899,520114
370Mark WhiteGolden Empire Mortgage$32,876,78370
371Robert RyanHomeBridge Financial Services$32,733,970197
372Sam MahshiPreferred Mortgage$32,565,00081
373Augustus BukowskiBay Equity Home Loans$32,500,00073
374Ryan ParkerBay Equity Home Loans$32,443,296109
375Audra MartinWescom Credit Union$32,422,45296
376Antonio CampuzanoHomeBridge Financial Services$32,345,208126
377Michael WrightSummit Mortgage$32,304,905119
378Matthew ShanlianPrimary Residential Mortgage$32,200,000122
379Janine IulianoPinPoint Mortgage$32,192,419164
380Craig KovlerWintrust Mortgage$32,110,45878
381Sabrina WegleyGuild Mortgage$31,971,595207
382Amy WolffDirect Mortgage Loans$31,819,629121
383Jeff StemplerHomeBridge Financial Services$31,817,51695
384Jonathan TrussellGuild Mortgage$31,803,840146
385Jason ScottGuaranteed Rate$31,666,26959
386Trevor TashlikGuaranteed Rate$31,500,000128
387John PromHomeBridge Financial Services$31,500,00081
388Stacy OrozcoPrimary Residential Mortgage$31,460,575140
389Thomas JessopGuaranteed Rate$31,395,66560
390Jenna TeyshakloanDepot$31,342,48279
391Francisco De GuzmanloanDepot$31,311,762123
392Shane MillerOn Q Financial$31,222,026204
393Nathan ChabollaGuaranteed Rate$31,212,04497
394Nick MinkGuaranteed Rate$31,153,380127
395Jason HolterPremier Nationwide Lending$31,000,000145
396Jamie FranzGuaranteed Rate$31,000,00094
397Kevin PhillipsBay Equity Home Loans$30,983,141106
398Jason SculosGuaranteed Rate$30,964,765105
399William PayneFirst Home Mortgage$30,939,721113
400Jack ShullGuild Mortgage$30,850,000136

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