2018 Top Producers Nos. 126-175

2018 top producers nos 126 175
2018 top producers nos 126 175

The 2018 countdown of the National Mortgage News Top Producers list continues by featuring the loan officers ranked 126 to 175.

Kelly Zitlow of Cornerstone Home Lending is No. 170 in the 2018 Top Producers Rankings.

The results of this year’s rankings reflect a market in transition. Mortgage interest rates began to rise after the 2016 elections and as that trend continued into 2017, refinance volume fell precipitously. In response, lenders began to put more emphasis on the purchase mortgage market. Unfortunately, while consumer demand for homes showed marked improvement, a severe dearth in available inventory for sale stifled the housing market.

A new component of this year’s Top Producers program is an in-depth survey that explores how professionals are pursuing new market opportunities and contend with industry challenges. Data, insights and analysis of the results are available in a special report available here.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Top Producers program. The rankings are open to mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers who work at depository, nonbank and mortgage brokerage firms in the United States.

Information submitted about 2017 loan production was used to compile this year’s Top Producer Rankings. Loan officers who submitted data for the survey represent the entire spectrum of the origination business, from banks and credit unions to mortgage bankers and mortgage brokerages, and their titles range from loan officer all the way to company president.

The 2018 Top Producer rankings countdown will continue until the top 25 loan officers are revealed on April 12 and the entire list is published in a special section of the print edition of National Mortgage News.

RankNameCompanyDollar VolumeNumber of Loans
126David HostermanCastle & Cooke Mortgage$66,310,841238
127William MurphyFairway Independent Mortgage$66,200,000278
128Roderick Davis Jr.Consumer Direct Mortgage$66,104,911267
129Gina AllmanEnt Credit Union$65,748,643302
130Matt OliverLund Mortgage Team$65,579,223288
131Lance RayGuaranteed Rate$65,554,862170
132Paula BonnafantEpic Funding$65,544,521278
133Mark CasamassinaNJ Lenders$65,542,813213
134Thomas JussilaFinance of America$65,393,493266
135Natalie SalinsMovement Mortgage$64,717,895143
136Matthew ParadisGuaranteed Rate$64,591,351289
137Kevin MarshConsumer Direct Mortgage$64,551,878244
138Rob WishnickGuaranteed Rate$64,224,076192
139Lisa HolbrookEnt Credit Union$64,164,270327
140Adam CornacchioWSFS Mortgage$63,264,178244
141Jason GriesserGuaranteed Rate$62,768,613222
142Andrea WineMcLean Mortgage$62,584,612152
143Jennifer PitcherFBC Mortgage$62,120,934258
144David PolarekGuaranteed Rate$62,001,072315
145Milo GrecianGolden Empire Mortgage$61,868,142131
146Bob MeloneRadius Financial Group$61,749,790191
147Ryan BarryNJ Lenders$61,722,173162
148Danielle YoungGuaranteed Rate$61,491,022193
149Michael ReganStearns Lending$61,382,781133
150Thomas BechtelEnt Credit Union$61,373,671293
151Rich HolsmanBay Equity Home Loans$61,340,894139
152Ronald MammanoPrimary Residential Mortgage$61,100,000185
153Ryan MorganMortgage Corp East$61,016,671157
154Alex JaffeFirst Home Mortgage$60,712,979165
155April Ye WangGeneral Mortgage Capital$60,618,56487
156Wendy ThompsonBrighton Bank$60,422,039258
157Mark PfeifferHomeBridge Financial Services$60,390,337189
158Matthew McDuffeeFBC Mortgage$60,238,886358
159Nikitas KouimanisCliffco$59,750,850203
160Larry JusticeMcLean Mortgage$59,623,322133
161Brooks GrassoFulton Mortgage Company$59,338,995195
162Samir DedhiaSD Capital Funding$59,272,124172
163Carmine RussoGuild Mortgage$59,187,000369
164Mindy AshdownAcademy Mortgage$59,088,975264
165Charles PetruzziConsumer Direct Mortgage$59,065,454243
166Leslie StruthersGuaranteed Rate$59,016,546136
167Mike MetzGuaranteed Rate$58,615,176143
168Brandy WhitmireHomeBridge Financial Services$58,177,446180
169Scott StinsonFBC Mortgage$57,349,123263
170Kelly ZitlowCornerstone Home Lending$57,105,991232
171Luke ChamberlinNJ Lenders$57,047,029144
172Walter GormanNJ Lenders$56,768,027176
173Christopher McKinneyS&T Bank$56,511,702251
174Greg MullanGeorge Mason Mortgage$56,410,981143
175Chris SchoenthalHomeBridge Financial Services$56,372,811236

Austin Kilgore

Austin Kilgore is the editor in chief of National Mortgage News.

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