Here Are Some Ways to Earn Money Using Your Photography Skills

Being a beginner in the field of photography, the only question that haunted me was, “Will I ever money out of it?”

Relatable, right? In this age and era, when clicking a picture literally takes seconds. Today, we see mobile phones with amazing cameras because DSLRs are kinda old school now. Oh no no, I’m still old school. I prefer my good ol’ Nikon D5200 (yeap; Nikon +1, Cannon 0) which has been a faithful companion for a long time. But I also feel envious of people with amazing phones which give them professional camera-like pictures. It is about skills, of course.

But it all brings us to the same question. HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY FROM PHOTOGRAPHY?

Here are some tips to get you started…

Photo contests

One thing you can start doing right away is entering photo contests. There are thousands of photo contests out there, from National Geographic to local vendors. You just need to take a look around and you’ll find dozens which suit you. Some are free to enter as well.

Sell prints

Yes, selling prints of your work is another great option. You can get copies of your photographs framed and sell them at local fairs, coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries or even online. There are so many options, really!

Photo shoots

You can conduct photo shoots for clients. From maternity shoots to pet shoots, there are enthusiasts everywhere. Plus it a good way to get into the field. Maybe do some shoots on the weekends and you’ll know where your interest lies!

Wedding photography

Another way to go about it is getting into wedding photography. You might have to start by assisting an already established wedding photographer but this one is bound to give you loads of money. Involves a lot of hard work though but what doesn’t?

Stock photography

High-quality pictures can be sold to stock photography websites. Websites like Getty Images, ShutterStock, iStock etc give you a platform to list your images which can be bought by clients. Another amazing option!


Contacting local newspapers and magazines would be a good idea too. Not just them really. Be a part of the photographers’ community and be updated about what’s going on.

So, get started now!

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