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While You & Me Would Go To Jail If We Don’t

When the Federal Reserve Act was passed as law in 1913, the Feds became automatically exempt from paying taxes or being audited by any government agency.

The law of 1913 legalized the private central bank we know today as the Federal Reserve to print US dollars for the American people. The government can’t print US dollars — ONLY the Feds can.

Since no one but God can see how much paper money the Feds are printing, they could literally be hard at work printing trillions of dollars out of thin air and using them for their personal gains. That money is untaxed and completely legal.

Imagine having a printer at home that can print US dollars endlessly untaxed and accountable to no one. You would print trillions and trillions of dollars none stop of course as long as there’s a place to store all that paper. But what would you do with all that money I wonder?

I’m guessing you would start by fulfilling every pleasure. Buy several jet planes and travel to every corner of the world, stay in the most luxurious hotels or might just go ahead and buy them all if you desire. Pick from a modeling magazine a different woman (if you’re a man) or a man (if you’re a woman) as a sexual escort for every night of the year.

You could buy as much property and assets as your little greedy heart desires until it becomes too ridiculous to even want more. You might get bored and start playing games by paying a government in one country to turn on another country and start a war for fun’s sake. You might as well fund sanctions against one regime to topple it and plant another one more friendly to your business plans in that region.

To you, it’s all a dream, but to the Feds and other central banks around the world, it has been the norm for more than a century. For the feds, it all started in 1913 when the law was passed, and income taxes on the incomes of the American people became legal thanks to Woodrow Wilson.

It is reasonable to assume that all problems hacking the global economy or the world are due to the game-play of central banks. If we live in a rational culture, everyone should immediately blame central bankers for all our problems.

Yet, we don’t automatically blame them because central bankers today are the demigods who regulated and control everything even our daily dose of news.

They don’t pay taxes, and they are unimaginably wealthy.

They own you, and your family’s future.

They control governments and anything else.

They are the Gods, and you are just another slave in their world.

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