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Whole Bank began in Framingham just a tiny town near Massachusetts, United States. Even though their target market was quite small for a bank in the beginning they have always focused on the bigger picture, which is creating new effective ways for their clients to perform virtual transactions. Due to technology being a rapidly growing industry; has left banks behind in being able to provide the best user experience for their clients within the banks mobile application. Especially when traveling, problems with cash withdrawal, transactions and transfers can always be a pain to deal with.

While interviewing users on the subject I asked them these questions:

Following the interviews with an unbiased sample group, it was concluded that the main problems or inconvenient activities that people have to deal with is transfers, cash withdrawal, daily transactions and a lost card. But the ideal issue that people need a solution for is being able to pay anywhere/anytime through the mobile application and make it as effective as possible!

In these prototypes I created, you will see four ideas that can all be implemented within the same platform of the application. This will solve not one but four of the setbacks that Whole Banks may be dealing with.

1st Idea: Being able to withdraw cash simply by scanning a barcode from your mobile application to the ATM scanner

2nd Idea: Freely perform daily transactions by using the virtual version of you card and scan it on the payment terminal.

3rd Idea: Quickly and safely transfer money to another Whole bank client by just scanning their phone on your bar code that has been personally created at a blink of an eye!

4th Idea (my favorite): Built in tracking device in your credit/debit card that can locate it anywhere and anytime. By providing an exact location, will enable you to know whether to actually cancel your card or not.

Following this interesting assignment, I came to the conclusion that everyone has their own problems within the specific subject and its about finding a way of meeting in the middle in order to successfully satisfy everyones needs. This is my first prototype design and to be honest, starting it took me a while because how can you make it simple yet attractive and effective? Im truly enjoying the course because its challenging me to find new ways in meeting peoples needs!

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