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In the film, The Princess Bride — Inigo Montoya (played by actor, Mandy Patinkin) is famous for saying “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.”

I take a slightly difference approach. Most of the time, I’m pretty sure people know what their words means . My issue is that I don’t think most people mean what they say.

Here’s an example.

All the time on facebook I see people saying things like — “be one with nature,” or “we are all one.”

These are huge statements! But underneath this attractive language, I don’t think the person is really such an enlightened being…

It seems to me I’m being sold something.

Let’s be honest. You want me to buy what you’re selling. And so when you say things that appear to be very wise, it’s easier for me to be drawn into your world.

And there are a lot of people out there who are searching for something.

Then, when somebody comes along who appears to have some answers — and broadcasts themselves in an attractive way, people jump at it!

This must be it! That thing that I’ve been searching for… my next level of growth… what’s going to help me MAKE MORE MONEY.

Maybe this person who is saying all of these beautiful things like “just be in your flow state” — will teach me how to make more money!

Actually — I think he will. That person will teach you how to make more money.

But here’s the sad part — you’re going to learn how to make money by doing the same thing that he’s doing — which is taking advantage of people.

Guys, real wisdom is not something you can buy. It comes from hard fought life experience.

Sure, maybe you will learn how to make more money when you listen to what the guru says — but you’re probably just going to spend more of your hard earned money chasing the dream of being just like them.

And the sad truth is, beneath all the pretty words and flashy pictures — that person’s life is actually kind of empty.

What I am encouraging you to do is to follow your own path. Remember that facebook, and instagram, and all social media channels are marketing tools. That’s why they are free to use. They are resources for people who are selling something.

And today, everyone is selling something.

This is a reality that you must be aware of. The alternative is to be taken advantage of, or worse — to learn how to spew vapid words of pretend wisdom, and then attract people who are equally susceptible to pretty language… with nothing tangible beneath it.

If you are interested in truly becoming one with nature — don’t give your hard earned money to someone who’s going to teach you how to do it. Do the hard work of your own life. That’s where real wisdom is born.

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