Changes to Writer Payments at The Writing Cooperative

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About the Writing Cooperative

Late last year Medium invited the Writing Cooperative into a beta test allowing Partner Program stories in select publications. This was an exciting opportunity which allowed us to pass earnings along to our writers.

In early July, Medium ended their beta test. Medium changed the Partner Program to allow any Partner Program writer to submit metered stories to any publication.

This change meant writer payments come straight from Medium and do not pass through The Writing Cooperative. We no longer take a 30% commission on Partner stories, since we are no longer handling payments. Our Submission Guidelines updated to reflect this change.

We’ve been working with Medium to ensure a smooth transition for writers. Writer payments come directly from Medium’s Stripe as opposed to The Writing Cooperative’s PayPal. At this point, all writers earning revenue in July should have been paid directly by Medium. Details about individual earnings are available on Medium’s Partner Program dashboard.

Besides the Partner Program change, Medium is also updating their Content Guidelines, Rules, and is instituting an Ad-Free Policy. Our Submission Guidelines updated to reflect these changes. The Writing Cooperative will not publish stories violating Medium’s policies.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact If you would like to connect with The Writing Cooperative and our amazing community, please connect with us on Slack.

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