Do not Expect the World to Pay You Back Because it has Taken from You

At some point or another, many of us have fell victim to that unpredictable steep hill that we’ve so persistently climbed to gain much of our successes, to unfortunately and heartbreakingly tumble to an end that has caused us to lose many of our valuable possessions. When people see a successful person, who has stood at a higher up position, fall, they see this life changing event as an opportunity to take advantage of the victim for their own personal or business gain. It’s a simple mindset during this time for many people: get as much out of the victim as possible, because 9/10 they will never make it back to that higher up position, where they were before — “How about taking all of their successful wealthy lifestyle energy and enjoying it to the fullest”. See, if those who have fallen did happen to make it back to where they once were the energy takers are long gone or twisting their minds to turn them towards the wrong direction or just simply telling them lies. But the bottom line is that these victims will never get that energy back, so they better just suck up the loss and move it right along. Just accept the fact that whatever connective energy to the many possessions once owned from a wealthy position is no more. What a bummer! What a world, hugh? If you expect someone to pay you back for all that you’ve gotten taken from you, you will be waiting for a dead squirrel to get up out it’s roadkill to start hunting for nuts again. You’ll eventually die without nothing. Let go and become a new, improved and smarter individual with a greater energy, and gain more than what people have taken from you.

As we climb the hill to a successful position, we gain many valuable possessions along the way: homes, cars, antiques, clothing, jewelry and more. Despite if we’re careful with these things or not, we aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and mistakes can cost. We can lose everything overnight, just like a car accident can happen on any given day out on the road. Even if we play it smart and make not one mistake, we can still lose drastically. I know a guy who lost a six figure income, because his boss realized that he didn’t need the guy anymore. So, just in a snap of a finger, he was fired like a six shooter. To make things even worse, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find another job of the same caliber. Within a couple years, he ended up working at Walmart as a store associate making $9/hr. He lost his wife, his huge 4,000 square foot home, his three cars — one being a Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 and another being a 65’ Ford Mustang antique in mint condition — his boats and much more. He now lives in an apartment at 800/m with a roommate and catches the bus or an Uber to work just about everyday. Without warning, life hit this guy really hard and knocked his butt all the way down that steep hill without a soul of care. He does, however, have the option to stay at Walmart and give up on the fight to earn his way out of Walmart to make it back to where he once was in life. What could he have done differently that would have kept him from hitting rock bottom so quickly? That is an important question to ask yourself, because you can possibly save yourself from immediate destruction if you properly prepare yourself for such possibility. He could’ve saved more money than what was spent and maybe could’ve just dropped only one or two notches down from peak position versus falling all the way to the bottom so quickly. Maybe a little less eating out at expensive restaurants or perhaps purchasing a domestic vehicle versus foreign could have helped. Or in fact that he could’ve put his money in the stock market or into real estate and reaped some returns in the process. He failed to properly manage his money which caused a fast rate to the bottom, falling flat on his face. Ouch!

If we do happen to make it back to where we were, how did we actually get there? What did we learn along the way? To those who have fallen face flat and looking to get back up to that higher up positions, remember, the next time won’t be like the first time. The first time may have seemed like people were giving you things and were very friendly in the process. Those things may have seemed increasingly fitting to you, just like a glove and your comfort level was beyond a 10, on a 1–10 scale. Wow, what a pleasant life! Well, the next time people won’t be so friendly and giving, so whatever you do, don’t expect them to be. The ones that seemed to be so friendly and helpful will probably not be around anymore or have been infested with a new outlook towards you. Your surroundings will be a lot more in opposition to you, making you feel unwanted, stressful, imperfect and unlike yourself. It will be a tough challenge to figure out if you’d really want to deal with the many negatives that comes with living at the top once again. Many refuse to continue, many can’t continue while others figure out a way to deal with the many differences and somehow find satisfaction within. The next time around, you will really have to think deeply, dig deep inside of yourself and find out who you really are. And whatever you do, do not expect any handouts. Unfortunately, you may have figured out that many of those very people who were friendly the first time around were only in your life to lead you astray in order to take you out of your game so that you can fall flat on your face only because they wanted to be where you were in life. When you begin to rise again, you will begin to see these people differently, but the key to continuing to rise again is to not expect them to owe you anything. Stay focused on the rise, because those who have lead you astray will run away from you, because now that you are back, they feel like you are back to retaliate and blame them, but it was just the hand that life dealt you. Remember, the world does not owe you anything. The first time is always the best time for us, sought of like a first love, but it’s also the time when we make most of our mistakes.

If I told you that you weren’t the only one who have fallen and have lost it all, would you believe me? I’m sure you would. What if I told you that falling in life is just a part of life and that many of the people in your surroundings have the answers for many of your questions in such regard? What I would say, whether you want to accept it or not, is instead of looking at them as the enemy and fighting them, ask them a few questions about life that pertains to your situation. You may get the exact answers that you’re looking for. In fact, you may even make it further up that steep hill than you did the first time and this time you may even be able to afford two 400,000 square foot houses versus just one. The world doesn’t owe you anything. It’s up to you to earn what you can and prosper as well as you can, while being as smart as you can with your decision making.

If you fall, pick yourself up and rise again. Those who may have taken from you during your fall most likely will be long gone when you rise again, so let go of that negative unnecessary attachment and earn better than you have ever earned. Work, persist and stay focused. A thief will always lose valuable portions of their soul, it’s just a known trade-off fact, as you cannot possibly have many cherished positive and good-natured qualities as a ruthless thief. So, in a way, they’ve already been taken care of in return for their devilish acts towards you. So, stay focused on all of the right goals to allow you to rise. Focus on being smart and properly prepare for the worse as the worse can appear at any moment. No one likes being down, so do what you have to do to stay on the top side, but whatever you do, do not expect the world to pay you back because it has taken from you.

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