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Relex Development’s globally compliant investment platform launches tomorrow

Relex Development will launch its globally compliant real estate development platform investment platform tomorrow, entering a new stage for its business and cryptocurrency as a whole.

The relaunch of the investment platform concludes a major upgrade that took the investment platform offline from June 2018 to Oct. 5, 2018.

The real estate development investment platform will use the RLX token for investments secured by the blockchain, bringing additional transparency to how funds are used and managed.

The new platform has been built collaboratively with Katipult, a leading investment management software company. Katipult’s platforms are FINRA, SEC, and globally compliant, and the one co-built with the Relex team is no exception.

After the launch of the platform, Relex Development will seek FINRA approval for its platform.

To that end, Relex Development has already secured the legal counsel of attorney Scott Andersen who has guided numerous crowdfunding platforms to FINRA approval.

Unlike many cryptocurrencies that have little chance of U.S. governmental approval, Relex had no ICO and has taken the appropriate steps (no matter how tedious or costly) to create the ideal submission for FINRA approval.

The platform is ready for crowdfunding now, but the U.S.-based Relex team must wait for FINRA’s decision before it can open up that functionality.

The real estate development investment platform can currently be used for full unit real estate unit purchases and investments by verified investors.

The first set of offerings on the platform will be available for a limited time. All investment amounts are denominated only in RLX.

Investing with blockchain technology is the next step for funding projects, as it adds an extra layer of transparency and accountability to investments.

In addition to using cryptocurrency to increase transparency, Relex Development is also pioneering the concept of proxy developers.

It has created a platform that allows direct collaboration and communication between RLX investors and real estate developers that allows an exchange of ideas and the sharing of updates and information. This platform will launch later this month.

With the possibility of an extended cryptocurrency bear market always lingering on the horizon, Relex Development’s new platform will offer an alternative investment for cryptocurrency users, locking funds into real estate development investments before the market recedes again.

Relex Development will also work with traditional, institutional investors.

Relex’s parent company, Squawk Advisors, recently announced its institutional investor client list, some of which have already agreed to use the Relex Development platform.

In addition to investors, Relex Development has partnerships with multimillion and multibillion dollar development companies, such as Woodfine Capital Projects located in the U.S. and Canada and FLC Group located in Vietnam.

The launch of the real estate development investment platform concludes 40 consecutive days of announcements and news releases by the busiest team in cryptocurrency, Relex Development.

Relex Development is the future of real estate development investing.

And the future is now.

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