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DUE to current bear market, the prices of cryptocurrencies are very cheap, should you invest now?

Yes, but you need to find a gem among the thousands of shitcoins which has zero potential and will be vanished, and all these shitcoins will have no chance to recover during bull run. You need to find the gems from the rubbish. One of the hidden gems I found is PCHAIN [1]. Why PCHAIN is a gem?

PCHAIN is one of the most innovative crypto project to date. PCHAIN invented PDBFT algorithm, Smart Data Oracle, multi chain, native EVM support and cross chain support (ERC20, BCH). PDBFT algorithm is an advanced PBFT class algorithm which can support thousands of nodes where current PBFT cannot. It is a lot of efficient and advanced than current PBFT.

PCHAIN team also published few books, file many patent, published a lot of papers, and achieved 123,000+ TPS in mainnet, with many partnerships, and a dAPP currently running live on PCHAIN testnet.


2 Patent already submitted by PCHAIN team to file in China first, then worldwide. The Patent applications are EID180128 (Figure 1) and EID180131 (Figure 2) which are already submitted. Both patent are about PDBFT algorithm(an advanced PBFT class algorithm invented by PCHAIN team).

3 more patent application are in the pipeline, namely EID180130 (Validator动态加入退出机制), EID180132 (SmartData机制) , EID180133 (PCHAIN原ORACLE) are ready to submit. Do note all the patent are written in Chinese.

Figure 1: PDBFT 1.0 Patent Application

Figure 2: PDBFT 2.0 Patent Application


VERY rare if any crypto projects team member ever published any books in blockchain. PCHAIN team published few blockchain books, as shown below (in Chinese). This shows that PCHAIN team members are really professionals and are experts in the field of blockchain.

Figure 3: 2 books published by PCHAIN team.

Figure 4: Dr. Jeff Cao is the author of blockchain chapter in China Fintech Report 2018,which is released by National Institution for Finance & Development.


PCHAIN team members, with Prof, Assoc. Prof, PhD have published many papers related to blockhain, in IEEE and ACM. Below are some of the papers published by the team members. If you are searching using IEEEXplore [3] or ACM [4], use “Feng Cao” as keyword, do not use “Jeff Cao”. Shown below is only a small part of the papers published by Dr. Feng Cao.


IF the project only focus 100% in tech development, with no business plan and strategy, it will not succeed. PCHAIN has formed many partnerships since ICO, it shows PCHAIN team has strong connection in blockchain field and also focus on developing marketing. I believed a strong and good project should focus 60% in tech (R&D), and 40% in marketing in the earlier stage. Once mainnet is launched, then the focus should shift to 40% in tech and 60% in marketing. After all, if the mainnet is not ready, the product is not finished, there is nothing much to market about.

Some of the partnerships announced by PCHAIN.

PCHAIN has many roadshows, talks, conferences, etc. It is too many to show here, please check PCHAIN twitter [2] for more detail.


PCHAIN has released MVP before ICO, then TESTNET 1.0 few months earlier than schedule! The TESTNET 1.0 achieved impressive 123,000+ TPS! Now the TESTNET already can run smart contract and one dApp already running on TESTNET 1.0, plus a game which need to use tPAI (tPAI is testnet PAI). TESTNET 2.0 is scheduled to be deployed on Nov 2018.


UDAP is the first dApp on PCHAIN, currently running live on PCHAIN testnet. UDAP is a middle layer between applications and the public chains, the middle layer solves a few common issues with building dApps. UDAP founder say that they are amazed by how fast PCHAIN is and they choose PCHAIN as one of the platform because they have great confidence on PCHAIN team.

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You can use UDAP app to select either PCHAIN or Ropsten as the test network.


Little gem like PCHAIN in current bear market is very cheap and in my personal opinion, it has great potential to grow once bear market is over. If you are thinking to invest some money, you can do more research on PCHAIN to see if the project really has great potential or not. Always Do Your Own Research (DYOR)!


Investing in cryptocurrency is very high risk (and high reward). This article is not a financial advise, please do your own research and invest what you can afford to lose.






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