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Look around your House and you’ll see many things eating up your money every month. Whether it is how you use electrical appliances or prefer taking shower or bath, there is always some room to reduce the amount of usage and saving money.

1. Put Off the Lights

If you know that you will be out of your house for more than 2 Hours, put off the lights. You don’t need them when you are not in your house. This will reduce your electricity bill and even let your electric bulbs lasts longer.

“Even during the daytime, you can put off the lights if you don’t need them. Nature has provided us with natural sunlight which is free.”

As technology is evolving, we are provided with energy-saving appliances, which are a bit expensive compared to normal appliances. It’s always better to put some extra Dollars and save for the recurring high electrical bills over a longer period.

2. Use Stabilizer for Large Appliances

You cannot afford to let your large appliances damage due to voltage fluctuations. Voltage fluctuations can be common in your locality and can be harmful to your electrical appliances.

“Spend some extra Dollars and buy stabilizers for your large appliances.”

Or put some extra money and better go for appliances with inbuilt stabilizer feature. Stabilizer will make sure that nothing happens to your electrical appliances in case of voltage fluctuations.

3. Use CFL or LED Bulbs

This is the most crucial money-saving tip. CFL or LED bulbs are little expensive compared to incandescent bulbs but they save 75-80% of electric energy. They even lasts longer than incandescent bulbs.

It’s worth it to replace all incandescent bulbs in your house with CFL or LED bulbs. You can use them for a longer period of time and save on electric energy as well.

4. Take a Shower instead of Bath

A 5-minute shower early in the morning will be more refreshing than a 30-minute bath. Apart from getting motivated early in the morning and focusing on your first 30-minutes of the day after shower, you will save on your time and water consumption.

“Study shows that early morning shower helps you to concentrate on your important tasks throughout the day and increase your productivity. It also decreases consumption of water compared to taking a bath.”

Taking a bath let’s all your body dirt remain in the bath tub, whereas shower allows the dirt to flow away. Overall water consumption will be less in shower compared to taking a bath if it is for less than 10-15 minutes.

5. Plant Trees near your House

Planting trees near your house will not only help you contribute towards green environment, but it will also help you in maintaining the temperature of your house.

You can keep the temperature of electric heater or air conditioner on recommended numbers to save on electricity.

6. Use Bike instead of Motor Vehicle

In case you are going somewhere nearby, you can use your bike instead of taking motor vehicle everywhere. It will save you on fuel and money.

It will also help you reduce your weight to some extent. Pun intended.

7. Cut Off Cable Connection

Watching television is expensive considering the subscription amount of your Cable connection. Over the years, the quality of content presented to you on TV is also decreased. It’s not worth it to spend on TV Cable connection.

Watching television also distracts you from doing your important tasks and ruins your daily routine if you are a procrastinator like me. Television adds up to electric energy consumption as well.

Cut off your Cable connection or at least reduce the number of hours you put in watching TV. Have a free connection instead if it is available in your locality.

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