I Never Understood What $5000 Could Really Buy Until Today.

One of the first things he did with his money.

Most people would go and spend money on themselves or some nice things in my country if they were earning what a king earns. Not my blogger friend, though.

He was walking to the ATM in Nigeria after a successful few months as a writer and wanted to get some money out to give to his mum. While waiting in line for the ATM, he saw a young boy that should have been in school, ‘hustling.’

I learned that in Nigeria, ‘hustling’ means to be a sort-of entrepreneur and sell things on the street. This boy was selling bottles of water and on a good day, he might make less than one dollar profit — instead of doing what kids should be doing or getting an education.

My blogger friend walked up to him and asked what he was doing. His sense of curiosity made him want to know what was stopping this boy from going to school.

This curiosity led him to follow the boy back to his school. Upon arriving at the school, my blogger friend enquired with the school as to why this boy was having to hustle. The school told him that he was behind in his school payments.

Given that my friend was now making $5000 a year, one of the first things he wanted to do was help this boy. Not just one boy either.

My blogger friend asked the school if they could track down other boys who were behind in their school fees and hustling. He wanted them to add up the total amount of money it would cost to get all these boys off the street and in school doing their work.

The total dollar figure to help these boys? $1000 out of the $5000 he made.

He paid the money without even thinking twice. I asked him “What made you do that? You could have done so many things with your money.”

He told me that when he grew up, he was in the same situation as those boys. He never was able to pay the school fees and life was hard for him. When he got to university, he passed all the tests and did everything right to get into a good college. In the end, he was rejected based on financial status.

This made him want to prevent others from having to go through this nightmare.

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