A Money Burning Exercise –

Later that evening, during the ritual, the Money Burning Man took the books from his altar and showed them to the participants. One of them was a book about money, in German. I couldn’t make what the cover was, but yet again, I was stricken by it.

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The cover art set The Money Burning man on a journey of discovery. It turned out to be part of a chest lid which incidentally looked very similar to one displayed in the Bank of England. The mermaid in question: Melusine.

Jonathan Harris’ twit

I had read about Melusine, but not remembered any of her stories. Luckily, the ritual included a lot of transmission about her and why she appeared in the context of money. Because, all these signs I saw were not only about her, but what she represents: the giver of riches, wealth and power. Ah, and sex and money. Same same, as you know.

I was there for the Money. My money, my relationship with money, my relationship with your money. Money. She was my guiding star and I followed her effortlessly.

The ritual was music, words, and spells. A whirlwind of elements I was flooded with. I heard words outside me and inside me transforming my relationships. Alchemy, the sounds entering me and changing me whilst I witnessed the transformation.

I only bind you so I can release you

Boom. There it was, the answer to many of my recent queries about my possessions, my energy, my relationships. Possessing them, possesses me. I only bind you so I can release you.

If you keep me, I’ll poison you

Another mask falling. I hear the I am yours to give away. I hear it well. My sex, my money, my creation. What I’ve been given, is not here to stay with me forever. If you keep me, I’ll poison you.

I burnt my money, my 20 pound note. I saw the fire inside me appear before my eyes and transform that piece of agreed value in blueish flames. Letting go of attachments, of scarcity and lack of trust. I let it go.

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