Money has something to do with your identity because, of many things, preeminently, it’s an indicator of value.

There are two mysteries on earth: air and money. One is indispensable, the other is both indispensable and enticing. Money has a characteristic quality of placing identity to anything, think of it– houses, cars, and yes, even humans.

It rebirths you to an exceptionally fabulous person, throws the spotlight your direction and gives you an infectious name that people want to identify with.

The world rotates on the axis of currency and it’s not hard to see. Examine all quarters of the world, you don’t need to be told what governs the sphere – all you need to do is watch. Many things have the ability to make you significant – intelligence can, and so does talent, beauty and others. However, one powerful and public thrust upward is money.

You can be intelligent, talented or attractive and still settle at the lowest caste in society if such qualities are weightless to fetch you real monetary gain. However, with those notes, you ride influence on a strong and towering tide.

Cash gives you an unmistakable voice that makes people want to listen because now you make sense and are worth listening to because of your input to the market pool.

The unseen laws of economics assume that the more money you have, the more value you are thought to contribute and the reverse is the case.

Hypothetically, we may consider this to be the case for a perfect society without frauds and cheats. But there is no perfect society. Some countries extol robbers and exploit honest workers, however, this doesn’t rule out the fact that we give credit to those with the largest pockets not regarding how it got filled. Happens in most places, yet true.

The most grievous part to this are those who hold over-sufficient capacity to render value but are poorly compensated and therefore have nothing to show. It’s a strange outlier to this shaky societal model. There are exceptionally skilled professionals scraping the bottom of the barrel in spite of their bursting competence while hooligans sit on top positions.

Money is an object of profound mesmerizing qualities one of which is to project the one with the bucks upward by influence, power and contacts.

This is why you need money even as a Christian: Because your voice must heard and amplified in all directions and your message passed across. Only then do you have an identity because, now, you are thought to hold value.


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