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3 Reasons why having a Facebook Business Messenger Automated Conversational Marketing System helps…

Do you want leads or do you want conversations?

Why have a lead that is not communicating with you, that you’re not serving and therefore adding no value to the market?

Facebook Messenger has been dubbed the email killer by some due to the 80–90% open rates it boasts compared to the 10–20% open rate for email.

Opt-in and clickthrough rates are around 60% which is huge.

Businesses don’t need to spend a small fortune on creating an app, trying and hoping to get people to download it let alone use it.

The majority of Businesses have no idea they ALREADY have an app that is installed on 1.2 BILLION peoples phone. We’re talking about Facebook Messenger.

We’re living in a mobile world, just imagine being able to connect directly to your target audience via Facebook Messenger and having them as a subscriber.

Your time is valuable so let’s quickly dive into why innovative real estate agents are leveraging artificial intelligence and Facebook’s machine learning systems to ethically dominate their market and create the best client satisfaction from the get-go!

What are the top 3 reasons you must use a Facebook Conversational Marketing System if you are in the real estate space?

1. Give people what they want instantly by asking what their specific needs are.

Your Automated Business Messenger can find out exactly what people want by asking them the right questions and then show them property recommendations which are based on their answers and preferences.

A prospective client has just engaged with your Facebook Messenger System, no matter what time zone they are in or if you’re occupied with helping others to find the right property, the Facebook conversational marketing system has got you covered.

What are the questions that you would ask people?

  • Do you want to sell/rent or buy a property
  • Is the property a primary residence, investment or for vacation?
  • What’s their budget?
  • The desired location?
  • The desired number of bedrooms in a property?
  • Would you like to schedule a viewing?
  • The ideal number of bathrooms in a property.
  • Their contact information
  • so on and so forth.

2. Instantly Show people the properties they are looking for in the locations they want.

After you get to build that all-important rapport and provide value right off the bat and asking all the right questions, the conversational marketing system will display in the form of a carousel all the relevant properties based on their answers.

Facebook Business Messenger makes finding a property and the whole process so much easier for your clients and they will love that you answered their enquires instantly.

This process of automation will streamline your business and lead generation efforts and spark up that conversation 24/7 by simplifying the process for the client which makes you look awesome!

The Facebook Business Messenger is totally customizable and can deliver your message in the unique way that resonates with your target audience.

3. Is your time a valuable commodity? Do you want to stop wasting it? If you answered yes, great! then a Facebook automated conversational marketing system will do pre-qualified lead generation and only get you talking to folks that are warm and ready for the next step of talking with an agent.

Otherwise, they were just browsing and you gave them so much value by being there for them, they won’t forget that.

This saves you a TON of money, but most importantly a TON of time that you could otherwise use to help others with their property search needs.

Just imagine your business life where the basic information has been gathered allowing you to better serve your clients in a timely manner.


Your automated and customised Facebook Messenger will ask all the right qualifying questions so you’ll find out how you can better serve your clients.

Your Facebook Business Messenger has integrations with CRM systems so data flows easily to you with hot qualified leads who are ready for and want your help.

Once somebody engages with your Messenger system they become a subscriber so you can do outreach through broadcasting offering real estate tips, you can get really creative, just start adding value to the marketplace, differentiate yourself from others.

Facebook Business Messenger isn’t a gimmick, it’s the future of conversational marketing. It’s a powerful, helpful, AI-powered lead generating tool that is here to stay.

This is your opportunity to get ahead of the mainstream trend as well as your competitor’s.

Are you an early adopter or will you miss out on the opportunity, get left in the dust and play catch up.

Want to be part of the revolution?

See you on the inside

Check it out 👉 HERE

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