Co-Conspirators of the Unhappy Franchisee Scam?
Co Conspirators of the Unhappy Franchisee Scam UnhappyFranchiseeScam com

Let’s take a look at the supposed masterminds behind the Unhappy Franchisee Money Grab.

We believe we have possibly uncovered one of the wildest scams out there and we know there are plenty of those to choose from. This one involves a blogger, Sean Kelly, who looks like a combination of a drunken Santa and an overweight Kenny Rogers. And his wife Rose Kelly, who is no prize herself. Rose Kelly, who is an officer of the corporation and her husband, the Internet Bully — Sean, run this operation out of a small older style house in Lancaster PA. Just Imagine, Sean Kelly the publisher of the site sitting on the edge of his bed clicking away at his computer with visions of dollar signs dancing in his head. Posting his one-sided, opinionated comments about franchises; only to turn around and fleece them for monthly payments, to remove and de-index the postings from the internet. The opportunity for these two to make tens of thousands of dollars a month is endless when you’re only attacking low and mid-level franchises who possibly don’t have the resources to fight back. What better way to pad your pockets when you have no real source of income; other than playing a banjo at local bars.

Is Rose Kelly fully aware of what her husband Sean Kelly is up to? Or is she an unwilling participant in her husband’s elaborate scheme?

Rose Kelly, who’s in her late fifties/early sixties, a mother of grown children, who works for Behavioral Healthcare Consultants could very well be the mastermind behind this whole operation. When you have a behavioral health background, you would know precisely what would trigger individuals to get them to react. With the threat of ruining their lives, their company and online reputation, we believe it would work like this:

Option A: My Husband, the Internet Bully, will post articles about you and your company. Then tag you and your family, optimize it through google and have it show up all over the internet. Your basic smear campaign.

Option B: Pay us a monthly fee and we remove our links from Google so they no longer show up. Then move onto a different victim.

High probability most would take Option B, continue on with their lives and running their companies. Almost like they “chalk it up” as a cost of doing business. It is time we put an end to this Internet Bullying and the attacking of our companies by ruthless individuals.

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