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Choosing the right premises to open a Play School in Dehradun

Play School in Dehradun


Drive which locality will be suitable and feasible for you to start the preschool. Ideally, it’s close to your residence in an area with lot of housing colonies and residential buildings with residents having a decent amount of disposable income as well as the cosmopolitan mindset to send their children to a Bubbles Playway School is the Best Play School in Dehradun

The average space required per child approximately 10 sq. ft. Before deciding suitable amount of space, carefully consider max capacity, batch timings at the school, and the number of children required break even. Min space required in the range of 1200 to 1500 sq. ft. carpet area. A villa or a ground floor apartment in a residential complex ideal! Its allow some outdoor / open play area for the students as well as easily visible to advertising /promoting itself. Additionally, evening activity classes if any can be run in this area.

Parents will want a safe place to send their kids to. A preschool should be situated in a safe neighbourhood with least possible traffic and pollution.

If proper security arrangement is unavailable then it is wise to ensure that the preschool is securely guarded with gates, guards, monitored/registered entry — exit etc.

It is necessary that the surroundings and inside of the preschool be impressively clean and well maintained. Parents do not want their children studying in unclean ill-maintained place!

Bubbles playway school id the best play school and its away from noisy industrial area or manufacturing/processing units, places of worship etc.

Only if you don’t own an appropriate preschool space, then rent it. Against purchasing, the entry and exit cost low if a property is rented; particularly if shifting to another location. Its time consuming affair to find the perfect place. So, begin your space-hunt ASAP and narrow down on options. An important factor when renting a place is the deposit. Although it may be refundable subject to some T & C, it is better to bargain for a lower deposit as you will part with amount but not investing it in your setup.

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