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The Radius ISA Program — A Game Changer for every Real Estate Agent

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In a perfect world, all the leads that come your way, work out for the best. But we at Radius Agent, understand that it isn’t so. As an agent, you’ll surely invest a lot of time, effort and money into lead generation. Don’t waste your “A game” trying to figure out if your leads are hot or not, let Radius do it for you!

When we launched our Referral Concierge Program, we understood how agents are strapped for time. Most agents talked about how their busy schedule doesn’t allow them to follow up on their leads, resulting in most leads slipping away.

What’s the point of having multiple lead sources if you’re not able to verify which leads are the most fitting?

The Radius ISA Program is the simplest, most efficient lead qualification service you could ever use! All you have to do is send your leads to us, sit back, and relax! Let our ISA team work through your leads, no matter what the number.

How you can submit your leads

Submitting your leads to us is really a piece of cake!

  • Simply integrate your online lead sources like Zillow/Trulia, Realtor, with the app so we can get cracking! If you can’t find your preferred lead source integration, just let us know and we’ll help set it up for you!
  • You can also send us a spreadsheet of your cold leads you couldn’t connect with at

Just a reminder, you can submit any number of leads, and no matter how many, our ISA team will go through each and everyone and qualify them for you!

Why the Radius ISA Program

  • Seamless lead submission — Send leads through direct integration with multiple online leads sources or via a spreadsheet document.
  • Rapid response time — We contact leads within 5 minutes of submission. If qualified, we’ll live transfer or set an appointment on your calendar.
  • Qualified leads only — All leads will be ready to buy/sell within 6 months, with a pre-approval letter or in talks with a lender.
  • Only accept leads you want — Select preferences on the areas, type of leads, and price/budget range you’d like to accept.
  • Refer out the leads you don’t want — Receive 25% of the gross commission awarded to the third party broker or agent for any leads you don’t want.
  • Competitive pricing model — Keep your costs down with our simple subscription and lead acceptance pricing model.

The ISA team is super fast, highly skilled, and dynamic. If the leads are submitted through an integration, the ISA team contacts the lead on your behalf by phone-call and SMS, within 5 minutes of submission! Yes, you read that right! 5 minutes.

The team follows up with the lead 6 times via phone call, e-mail, and SMS, before putting them on an extended drip campaign.

If the lead is motivated, ready to buy within 6 months, has communicated their requirements clearly, has been pre-approved or is in the process of being pre-approved, we mark the lead “qualified” and schedule an appointment with you through your shared calendar.

For a qualified lead, you can either choose to “accept” it and work on it or “refer out” the lead to our amazing Radius Referral Concierge.

Get started Now!

  • To subscribe to the Program, you pay a flat rate of $99 per month and $29 for every lead you accept!
  • Try it to buy it! Start off with the program with a 30-day free trial!
  • Want to see how it works? Schedule a call or book a demo here!

Your time is precious. Make every lead count!

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