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There is one universe but different economic positions. These economic position create two different leagues where the poor and the rich existence. The middle class is just a ladder that can lift you to the upper class or drown you back to the lower class. It does not exist.

There are two systems to create wealth.

The first which is common is through your sweat. You have to work to earn. This stage is very important because it is what qualifies you for the next stage. Unfortunately, most people don’t move to the second stage because they feel they are working and they are earning more each month. But this is a wrong philosophy.

The second is the system of wealth creation used by the truly rich. It helps you create massive wealth by investing in assets which keep working for you without your sweat, time and energy. It is a system of leverage.

The people in the second phase are those that have mastered money. They understand that money is a loyal servant and they send it on errands to create more wealth for them. Your goal is to master the second stage of wealth creation if what you really desire is to be super rich. Put your money into assets that make you money without your sweat. You can’t work forever but your money can work forever for you through smart investment in assets. That is why I teach people how the can leverage on wealth creation through investments in real estate that make them grow richer and richer forever.

This is because you will not always have the energy to work all your life. But your money can do the work for you now and forever. Why not start putting your money in assets that will give you all the financial security you need both for you and your family?

That is why I often recommend real estate assets to people. It is a system of wealth creation that makes you to become a master over your personal economy.

Check all the rich people in the world, they invest in assets. They are assets addict(AA). That is the wealth genotype. Start investing in assets that can fund your dream lifestyle and you will grow rich like the rich.

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