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View of Margaret Island with 65 sqm panoramic, refurbished apartment for rent at the corner of…

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The city is very close, either the city center or the Roman coast. Ideal for cyclists, it is located on a bicycle path toward Szentendre. Ideal for single and 1–2 child families. The apartment is very bright and swims in the sunlight all day. One year ago, new shutters have been placed on every window, light can be controlled, and the apartment can be cooled down with airconditioning system.
The house is well maintained, the common cost is 5000 HUF. Residents are decent, mostly elderly people, some companies, and more and more young people in the last few years.
The neighborhood is quiet. The area is full of service companies, from grocery to the shop, to sports facilities, virtually everything needed for everyday life is within walking distance.
Within 14 minutes you can reach the Triple Hill.
The Kolosy Square is one of the developing neighborhoods in Budapest, a well-equipped area with restaurants and entertainment, one of the best places to live in Budapest. PadTai, Humus Bar, open nightclubs, summer pitches, new park developments and the — soon to be — renovated market for gastro enthusiasts.

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