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Bobbin Mill Woods, Bobbin Brook, Bobbin Trace 1-2019 • Homes For Sale

Bobbin Neighborhood Schools

Bobbin Trace, Bobbin Brook, and Bobbin Mill Woods are within walking distance to the private Maclay School, and are zoned for the following Leon County public schools:

For the real estate graphs found in this report, you will see the number of closed home sales for each year (red columns, measured on the left vertical axis), and a useful real estate statistic shown in blue (measured on the right vertical axis).

The graphs and the historical sales table will be continuously updated into the future (meaning bookmark this page if you always want to know the current status of homes in Bobbin Trace, Bobbin Brook, and Bobbin Mill Woods).

Bobbin Mill Woods, Bobbin Trace, and Bobbin Brook Home Prices

The average home price in the Bobbins in 2018 set a new record high, closing the year at an average sales price of $1.26M.

Because the Bobbins post relatively few home sales each year, the average price fluctuates significantly, thus determining home price trends in a Bobbin neighborhood requires far more experience, and insight than one requires at lower price ranges.

Home sales activity in the Bobbin neighborhoods in 2018 was among the three best years going back to 2005. Currently, there are seven homes for sale in the Bobbins, and none are under contract. Additionally, there are several more that were recently listed for sale but failed to sell, and these homes are likely available too.

Bobbin Neighborhood Home Values

As mentioned above, average home values fluctuate greatly in Bobbin Trace, Bobbin Brook, and Bobbin Mill Woods due to the variety of sizes, amenities and the relative ages of homes that have sold. It is critical you work with a highly active, market-savvy expert who will give you honest feedback to determine values in the Bobbins. With so many available and none currently under contract, it is clear there is a difference between what sellers want and what the market will bear.

The ten homes sold in the Bobbin neighborhoods in 2018 went for an average value of $228 per square foot.

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