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Ever wondered why an acclaimed wealthy individual still looks poor with all the money earned? Do your parents upon getting a new job check out your salary? Does your parents know how much you earn? Do you hide your salary information from your parents and certain individuals? Could this be a predominantly called a black issue?

Recently, I read on twitter a post and I felt suddenly not alone which gave meaning to the journey of life. It’s called Black Tax. I have always wondered and questioned the reasons for having major involvement in the expenses payment at home when there are other siblings or parents who are receiving pension but still need from you, monthly or is it a task every family goes through? But found out I’m not so peculiar at all but this happens to almost everyone but mostly the middle class individuals that their folks never laid down a path for money generation for the future.

Black tax has no respect for age, personality, religion, position in the family, all it seeks is your MONEY. Our money engagement needs to change. The foundation of every black home is built on giving back aka black tax. Our financial success is tied to our financial responsibility. One may not be a reckless spender but by been over-committed in helping may lead to financial stagnancy or poverty. We become the family ATM by the deprivation of the good things of life for yourself in other to help the family. Cutting down of expenses and always using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and wants just to decide the importance of spending of your money. How do you not hand over this to our children and we become our parents who lived through such path? Is by saving or by saying NO

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It is a burden and its impact will affect the lives of the next generation if uncontrolled. Its crippling fangs hang on and crumble the dreams and aspirations of many even from a young age of entering the payment system. The inability to live our best lives while at the same time absorbing the pressures of the family financially is one of its results. Would it be a crime to look good and the family cant? Do you become a bad person for trying to live your life at their expense? How long can you hold back your dreams in order to stabilize the family and do they ever get stabilized? And how long do you think they will need to get to some form of stability? Do you get emotionally blackmailed for your expenses on yourself as against for your family? Do you pay family tithe?

The effects of holding together the strains of family responsibilities and your aspirations takes its toll on an individual, leaving you with no self-achievement and results, bringing regret and anger to one’s self and all around you. Welcoming, you to the community of “Black tax” individuals living daily for their family and not for self. For many, life is an endless circle of stress and struggle. How do you break free of this cycle?

It’s simple, don’t take a horse to the stream to drink without actually showing him “how to”. We have the culture of giving and becoming the “Chairman” and “Oga” in homes, area and locality without teaching the means that got you where you’re or creating almost replicas of yourself in others. Passing down knowledge of wealth is a bridge or blockage not shared or taught due to ego and self-praise that is adored to you at every turn for the crumbles you hand out instead the fire that should come out of your mouth to all that is willing to listen which many will most certainly do for the status you have.

Do better!

Just trying to make sense of it all.


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