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We live in a beautiful world with money, money is absolutely great for what we want to experience, money enables and enhances our lives and our purposes, money is healthy. We can overcome the Fear of money, we can change beliefs around it for our healthy ethical benefit.


It is my duty and my responsibility to carry out my purpose and earn ethically good money to take good care of myself, my environment, my family, my clients, my partners, my business and my beautiful Soul Purpose to serve the collective the best way I can, with love.


I have calculated the exact money amounts needed for this purpose and it is beautiful watching the results of soul-inspired work unfold before my eyes.


I want to thank Grant Cardone in his AUDIOBOOK ‘Be Obsessed Or Be Average’ for sharing wise gifts about money with me. It is necessary to have your Soul Purpose, True Identity, Spiritual Values, and Ethics in Integral Alignment with Earth and its 5 kingdoms (listed below), before proceeding in entrepreneurial ventures.


I must clarify, money is not the objective, money is a very important aid, like blood, water, air, energy, food, and space. Money must be earned ethically by providing actual value to the 5 kingdoms in our existence, the mineral kingdom 🏔, the vegetable kingdom 🌳, the animal kingdom 🐳, the human kingdom 🧖🏽‍♀️ and the soul kingdom🌟. We must not steal the products of other people’s efforts. You Own the entire product of your efforts, and only that, everything else is a privilege.


I want to live in a world full of positive loving emotional health and to build that I am here to help you be who you want to be, and do what you want to do, in life, while I do exactly the same for me, and role model that for my daughter Mila.


Andres Rozo E.

Little Ocean Drop

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