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Are your working days long and exhausting? Do you want to change that? Then I got a simple solution for you. You should work smart. That means you need to think about what you are doing to make money and how you can make more money with less effort. You don’t have to do that just once; you have to do that all the time. Try to turn it into a habit. Try to spend at least 10% of your time/energy in improving your money earning skills. Your life should be like a snowball going down a mountain. Growing bigger and bigger as it passes over the snow, and makes it a part of the ball.

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Continuous improvement

You probably have heard the word ‘Kaizen.’ Kaizen is Japanese for ‘continuous improvement as a philosophy.’ By improving your habits and actions, you can reduce or completely remove waste. With waste, I mean potential excess time or energy. If you can carry two bags at the same time, but only carry one bag. Then you need to double your round trips to have all the bags moved. If you know that you can do the same action with half the round trips, wouldn’t you say that you are wasting that energy? It is a waste of time and energy because you are misusing it. You act like you have an infinite amount of time or energy. Or that it doesn’t matter that you didn’t put it to good use. But I’m telling you, it should matter to you.

Paying attention to where you invest your time and energy is the first step in having more time and energy left at the end of the day.

Look and see

Document where you are spending your time and energy. See how much time and energy it takes. Then look at what takes up the most and search for ways to reduce it. Maybe you can improve the efficiency of your actions. Or change the action you take. If you commute 2 hours every day, and like reading books, then you might like listening to audio books during your commute. You can do two tasks that each take up 2 hours at the same time. Instead of taking up 4 hours, it only takes up 2. You improved your time efficiency. Or rather, you reduced your waste by 2 hours. You now have two more hours that you can spend on other things. Or you can choose to work at home and not having to do that 2-hour commute every day. That also would save you 2 hours.

You do not get time, you make time!

Conservation of energy is not laziness!

We all know people that refuse to stand up and pick something up from the floor when they are seated at their desk. They rather monkey their way out of the situation by stretching and supporting themselves in such a weird way, just to stay seated. If they can’t reach, then they try out using other stuff within their reach as a tool to knock the object toward them, to be able to pick it up without needing to stand up.

A person using a bottle to knock the pen closer to him

That is conservation of energy. Not only that, it also increases your creativity. When something would fall beyond your reach, even if you stand up, you now have knowledge of using other, non-related items, as a tool to get something that is out of your reach.

Think outside the box

Most people today can only do what they are told. They don’t think for themselves. They need someone else to think for them. You need to water the plants and don’t have a watering can then use the water cooker as one. Don’t have that either, then use a mug. Don’t have that either, then use a wet towel where you wring out the water. If it can hold water, it can do the job. You can water the plants with a plastic bag, even a pair of shoes can do the job. The same goes for how you can make money. Don’t think about what jobs you can do that pay money. Think what actions you can do to get money.

Money goes to the people that do actions for people that rather pay for the action than do the action.

Don’t work for money, let money work for you

A maid will clean a house. Do you want to be the maid or the owner of the house? Maids don’t make a lot of money. If you can afford to have a maid, then that means you make enough money that you can afford not to do the things that are cheap to do, right? If the maid works for 10 units of money per hour, and you make 20 unit of money per hour. Then you make more than the maid. Wouldn’t it be logical to have a maid? You can do your job, that pays twice as much, instead of the job of a maid. Instead of cleaning your own house and earning nothing in the process, you keep doing your job while the maid is cleaning your house, and you would have made 10 units of money.

Find or create a high paying income, then remove all the waste, so that you can focus on your income.


Working smart is all about trying to not work at all. You try to use as little time and energy as possible. Use other people/machine time and energy. The only obstacle you have is that you will need money for that. Focus all your time and energy on 1 or 2 ways of high-income activities (have 1 activity as back-up. So that you don’t lose all your income in case something goes bad). You must become skilled enough in that activity, that it allows you to buy other people/machine time and energy, without decreasing your income. (the liberated time and energy should be invested in your income source, and thus raising your income).

At some point, you will have enough money that you can buy your own time back. With that I mean, that you won’t be required to work all the time anymore. If you make more than twice the money that you need, then you are allowed only to work half the time you can. You would have earned your freedom.

The only thing you have to do at that time is to find an income source that doesn’t require your maintenance. At that point, you will earn money without having to sacrifice your time and energy. (like living from dividends from a company, or having a good enough pension build up (if you don’t like managing your own money.))

If hard work is the only thing you know, then money will stop coming if you stop working. If you work smart, then money will still come at you even when you stopped working.

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