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I’m not trying to offend you but you’re full of shit. But hey, so am I! Look, we got something in common. We pretend to be happy when we know we’re not. We spend money that we don’t have to make us look rich. We have this grandiose idea that the world has to revolve around us.

I’m including myself so I ain’t talking down to you. I’m just saying like, really evaluate yourself for a minute or so. Is you really who you say you is? Don’t trip, I know that last line was a mistake cause if I was faking it; I woulda said are you really who you say you are?

Just cause I talk like that doesn’t mean I ain’t smart. In fact, I can change my vernacular, just like you do when you at that big interview. I just look at the recruiters face and wonder if they know that I’m full of shit but I’m so good at being full of shit that It can probably benefit the company. Shit, look at the president, a government shut down and shit, we full of shit.

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Tell me, if you checked your debt to income ratio, would you be considered broke? I think most of us would admit it. So what if you got $9,000 sitting in your checking account when you owe $52,000 in student loans, car notes, and credit cards. Shit, most of us might as well declare bankruptcy.

They say money doesn’t make you happy. I say you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Why do you work? Because you got a lifestyle that you can’t afford and you love that shit. Shit, maybe we all addicts. We steady chasing paper. Direct deposit hits and if you lucky you got some extra to neutralize the pain you feel when the bills shit; all over your phone and all over your house.

Why you pay so much for that phone for? You know damn well nobody calls or texts your ass. And if they do, it’s about wtf you can do for them. Someone asks us how we’re doing, we say we fine but c’mon, be honest. That person doesn’t two shits about how you’re doing and you’re not fine, admit it.

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We’re so full of shit. We try so hard to make it look like we got all of our shit together, deep down inside you’re just wondering, “if ever.”

Even when you’re having a conversation with someone, you ain’t really listening. You just take the meat and throw the bones. You can’t wait till it’s your turn to show off what you know. That’s all it really is.

You say you love me but bitch, you don’t show it. You shouldn’t have to say it if I already know it. But I don’t know shit. Even though I’m full of shit.

I do a lotta things but aint shit getting done. We gotta lotta goals but we ain’t doing shit to achieve them. So many excuses as comebacks but no answers to face facts. We say we’ll get it done ASAP.

But it’s not really “As soon as possible… It’s more like as soon as plausible.”

Back to my original question…

Is you… really who you say… you is?

Are you really… who you say… you are?

I know you got secrets that nobody knows.

I know you’re just as scared of life as me, even if your insecurity is a “no show.

Self-awareness begins when you know that you’re full of shit. Once you comprehend and accept that. You find a platform that suits you best… and fucking empty that shit like you’d empty a clip.

Let shit be your ammo, damn you unlimited.

And your damn good at it. Just admit it.

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