#Octopus.SideBar. :: Solo living in 103 days. :: Day 01.

Alright, so I’m ~32 years old, and currently my rent is $0.oo because I cook meals for the family I live with. (They also pay for my car insurance.)

It seems as though this agreement will be coming to a close by the end of April. ~103 days… So, I need to design a new agreement somewhere else… with someone else. Without losing the quality of life… Hmmm… Sounds tough… (Actually it doesn’t. This is fear talking, our human minds don’t like change, we like evolution.) So I need to evolve my current situation into something better (not something new.)

Now, let’s keep this question in mind, “What is possible?”

First off, I’ve designed this agreement once, which means I can do it again.

Another thing to keep in mind… Evolution means to add something with purpose… :: So the current agreement is… “I cook for you guys, clean up frequently without obsessing over it, I tend to the fire in the winter months, I prepare the fire wood in the spring-fall months, all this is done in exchange for using an extra room in their house, and ~$22/month for car insurance… I also help them fix their cars and such… so I think they got a pretty good deal for ~$22/month for ~8 years…”

So let’s +1… I can rent a house for ~$530/month, or rent an apartment for ~$925/month where all the living bills (gas, electric, ect.) are taken care of, and it’s fully furnished… (Which I don’t think I care about, I have my beds, and chair and stuff, but we’ll see, this is only day one…)

Because I’m a fan of simplicity, I’m rooting for one bill a month. And (right now) I’m willing to pay more for simplicity. (as long as the simplicity works in my favor.)

So, for starters, I need to design a $925/month funding package… :: A system I perform every month to get the $925/month.

This is a good time to throw in my last twitter update.

The point of passive income isn’t to do nothing, or hang out on the beach, or anything like that… the point is to set up a system of fail safes when sh.t gets sh.tty.

Passive income is only one tool, in your tool belt/box.

Also it should be said that T.Ferriss’ “New Rich” term was formed in France, and the purpose of it was to notify the “New Rich” that their tactics are not sustainable over generations… In short, it was a derogatory term used, to inform someone on their ignorance with money. At the time of publication the first line states… “Nouveau riche (French: [nuvo ʁiʃ]; French for “new rich”) is a term, usually derogatory, to describe those whose wealth has been acquired within their own generation, rather than…” Further reading implies the “designer” is moving too fast, and is likely to take some MAJOR stumbles…, because they can’t enjoy life… with what they have.

So, with this being my philosophy… I’ve decided to build 3 fail safes, into the $925/month.funding.package.

and the $925/month.Funding.package…

Which ends up being… $2775/month.

As science is still science… If I seek the $925/month funding package, I eventually will design the side bar $30/day and $232/week as a by product…

And each time I hit each system’s metrics… I bump up the % of the $ amount by… 1%.

So the macro ($2775/month) could be getting boosted up to 30%/month (using the same algorithms as compound interest each day…) Which if the $/day metric gets hit 30 times a month, that means the other two get bumped up by default, and at the end of one month, I’m looking at $3740.28/month with ~$1100/month in bills and food, and the $15oo/month is all play money. (to reinvest.)

Also. the MAIN goal isn’t to chase my tail… the main goal is to set up a system where the money manages itself, as a byproduct of building “PRs” (Personal records.)

The idea isn’t to work less, the idea is to train myself to be more functional every second of every day… and as a byproduct… get tons of fvckin’ money…

Because authenticity is sexy. And sex sells.

Also I like my privacy, so I won’t be looking for the same agreement, unless the people are really cool.

So to recap, design a $925/month flow chart, with three separate sub systems/flow.charts, each sub system grows up to be $925/month by itself, in case one, two, or three implode all at the same time. I’ll, theoretically, still be able to live life as if nothing changed… but evolved… then correct the course.

Then each time I “cover the edges” of the… I’ll multiply the base load by… 101%, so my days, weeks, and months, keep evolving and building and getting stronger, and I don’t stay stagnant. (Or get stuck in living by default.)

Cross-fading, #octopus.NZT + #Octopus.SideBar… :: I went treasure busking again to, (mainly to clean up my city…) and found a nickle, which is 500% more than yesterday. :: So I’ll document the “PR” as $o.o1 (pattern matching the last PR) then multiply the $o.o1 by 101%, which gives me $o.o1o1… Which I’ll then round up to the nearest penny.

So my next Treasure busking PR is… find the pattern(s) that get/give me $o.o2, then multiply that by 1o1% then round up to the nearest penny.

“Why not just go for $o.o6?!”

Anything more than what the mission statement calls for is greedy, and is a sign of depression. :: this greediness will eventually cause someone else’s design and mission statement to fall apart… then they’ll have to struggle to make future mission statements and designs come true, which in turn makes my future designs and mission statements fall apart… because we’re now “competing” which isn’t stable either… competing wastes the world’s resources, which is why we never feel like we have enough.

I’m not depressed… a $o.o2 PR is fine.

However, that doesn’t mean, I can’t just jump straight into the $o.o2 Treasure Busking PR right now (In fact I probably will), and end up making WAY more than $o.o6 today and tomorrow combined. (As it’s not $o.o6 until I’m holding $o.o6. So if I find a gold Bullion cube, it’s not $o.o6 until I’m holding $o.o6.)

Just yesterday I found a bolt that I could probably sell for $.15 (to the right guy, for the right reasons), but I didn’t sell it… Because this bolt is a resource. Until it’s money. :: I’m just stackin’ my resources (as well as my options).

What do I do when I cover all the edges of #Octopus.Side.Bar?!?!

#Octopus.NZT. <<Hyperlink.

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