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Tallahassee Pine Tip Hills Listings & Market Report January 2019

Pine Tip Hills Home Prices

The average home sales price in Pine Tip Hills in 2018 is $478,083, but buyers should recognize this average fluctuates greatly in this neighborhood, based upon the size and effective age of the homes that sell (level of updating of each home). Take a look at the sales table at the end of this report and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Home sales activity in Pine Tip Hills remains strong. Homeowners who want to move will find buyers right away with a well-executed marketing plan

Pine Tip Hills Home Values

Average home values in Pine Tip Hills have been generally rising since 2013, but due to the relatively low number of sales each year, a sale or two can really skew the results..

The average value of the six homes sold in Pine Tip Hills thus far in 2018 is $160 per square foot, but when you look at the table below, you’ll see a range from $110 per square foot to $226 per square foot. This means that “average” has little use other than to compare with historical averages. Make sure you work with a recognized market expert when selling or buying in Pine Tip Hills so you know what a good deal really is.

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