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Freelancing is exciting. As long as it makes you happy, brings you money and is interesting and engaging. But let’s be honest — not every contract is interesting and not all of them bring you joy and happiness. Sometimes, the only thing that keeps you working hard and long hours is the money. And no judging here — I’ve been there, it’s more than fine. But this unpleasant situation always makes it harder to work until the end of your shift. So, is it possible to find a way out? Let’s see.

I have a pretty common example of myself and my contracts. Usually, they are super entertaining at the beginning: new challenges, new people, new tasks, new knowledge. But, if the contract is long-lasting and the job you do is kind of routine, rather sooner or later you will be bored. That is OK and pretty common. After all, it is hard to make a data entry job, for example, somehow super fun to do. Unless it’s data entry job connected with your bank account where you save your money.

Motivation Number 1, of course, is the money. If I am at the point of getting bored and my employer notices that and offers me a raise — that makes a difference. When freelancing — it is rather uncommon to witness things like that. After all — client’s have no interest and no need to pay you extra because in a couple of minutes they can have another freelancer doing your job. Though, in this case, monthly or bimonthly bonus pays can make a difference.

Motivation Number 2 would be different work assignments, meaning, you won’t be sitting and doing routine tasks 24/7. This is achievable but not that common, unless, you are working on short term projects but constantly get new ones. It might be real if you work for an agency.

Motivation Number 3 would be Self Motivation. What I personally do, I set myself some goals. For example, to do as much tasks during 1 hour as possible and to beat my personal or someone’s record. Also, if I do so, I challenge myself to try and keep the record as long as possible. This approach is great when you do data entry, for example. When we talk writing, I usually prefer to share my personal experience. This allows me to make my articles more real and people start feeling the connection. Also, it makes me feel important since I am sharing something I personally did.

Motivation Number 4 would be a sense of completion. If I know that by the end of the day I will be able to make something look good or even the number of tasks given (like, we had 17 and I made it 10), it feels satisfactory. This can really help if you are a perfectionist and love to keep things in order.

Sure, those are not all of the possible approaches and I bet you have more to share. You know what to do — comments section is just a couple of cm down. Let’s GO!

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