changing your perspective on money!

The more I practice affirming abundance in my life and knowing that I am worthy of living a prosperous life the more I realize it really is not about money. My perspective has evolved along my journey and I’d love to share why I’ve come to this conclusion because I really think that a lot of people are getting intrigued by the law of attraction and using thoughts to create things in there lives. Some start the process though and see little results because of their focus. So let’s start from the beginning, the law of attracting what you want into your life works in a way that if you believe you have it then the universe must comply with your beliefs. You create your reality with these ever so powerful thoughts. Understandably many people educate themselves on the law of attraction and say perfect this is the answer, I need a big bag of money to solve all my problems and this is going to give it to me. This isn’t the way for everybody but many people see money as the root of their suffering or the lack of money to be more specific.

The thing is money is just a piece of paper that we have given meaning to. In its physical form it is essentially as valuable as a piece of bark you can pull off a tree. It’s symbolic and therefore not concrete. You can choose what it symbolises in your mind. It can symbolise freedom and happiness or it can symbolise worry and fear. It is up to you to determine how you feel about these different coloured pieces of paper. So I would say this is step one in the law of attraction in relation to money. Change your perception of this currency to change the energy around it. What this will do is shift your focus away from it! It almost sounds counter-productive but stick with me…. If we change our thoughts on money from worry to freedom then it will flow more easily into our lives. If you associate the paper or number in your bank account with worry it is not going to attract more of it to you because it’s almost like you don’t know how to deal with it and your afraid of it and its power in your life. Switch that to freedom and it brings the energy of giving, receiving and sharing into your mind. If you imagine that money is energy, do you think it would flow easier into the life of someone who worried about it or the person who viewed it as a free flowing energy?

Step number two after you have changed your perception on the energy we call money is to forget about it! It is not the point. What you want to do with the money is the point. So if your a vision board kind of person, money has no place on that board. All you need is what you want money to get for you. Be it a holiday, a house or a whole new lifestyle. It could even be that you want to retire soon and you want a nest egg, that’s perfect visualise the life you want to live as a retired person and let the money flow in to fit that lifestyle. Money is only the energy which flows in to fulfil your desire it is not the purpose and it should never take centre stage. To feel like you need buckets and buckets of money in your bank account and that’s your only goal really shows fear of money because what you are telling the universe is I need lots and lots of money in my bank account for no apparent reason because I fear that there is not enough to go around. It is much healthier to attain money to achieve a certain type of lifestyle or to live in a certain place or study a certain topic. The money is the end of the day will not bring you the joy you are seeking its what you spend it on.

What I’ve learnt from my journey is that if you give the energy of money a place to flow to in your life it acts like a vacuum and the more you practice this in your life the stronger this vacuum becomes. It’s like you have given the money a place to go and given up all worries of how it will get there. Handing control over to the will of the universe like releasing it in a bubble up into the sky. You have done your part in creating the intention and it needs a minute to attract all the bits and bobs to make it become a reality. One example I have from the past couple of months is being able to get together enough money in 7 months to pay for flights to Bali, 3 weeks travel in Bali, a one month long yoga teacher training course in Bali, a flight to Australia and savings to get me through a month or two once I get to Australia so I can pay for rent etc while I find a job. So all that was obviously very expensive combining it all together and if you had worked out the net worth of all that at Christmas and said I needed that much money by August I would have said absolutely no way! I was working as a child minder and studying at the same time. But I set the intention, booked the flights and booked all the other things throughout those months little by little. It then came to summer and all the big things were paid for so I set the intention to have a pot of savings for Australia and some spending money to travel in Bali. Getting on the plane on the 22nd of August I had everything I needed. Full packed bag, new camera and full faith in the universe to provide for me once I set my intentions!

The thing is I could never have anticipated how all that abundance would come into my life and I affirmed that all the time with the affirmation “Abundance comes to me from expected and unexpected sources all the time”. Because I had made the plan and was following through on it, ideas to make money easily came to me. I sold everything I didn’t need, stopped wasting money on irrelevant things because I was focused on my goal so all the energy was focused like a laser on my intention therefore there was enough for it all to come together. So when I say money isn’t the focus I mean that if I had switched that focus and had in my head that I needed X amount of money to complete all that, I probably would have given up or been filled with doubts that the intention would become a reality. By focusing where I was going and why I was going there instead of worrying about the amount of money I needed, I evoked motivation, determination and excitement in myself. I was in a free flowing state (most of the time!), allowing money to flow into my life to achieve my goals. I didn’t block it with fear or worry, I just let it flow in keeping my eyes on my path and my intentions. I would love to invite you to try this out in your life. Pick something you would like to manifest, you can start off with something small to experiment and see if you feel a difference when you focus on your intention and let money flow to it like a moth to a flame.

I hope that was helpful and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to send on a message! Also if you would like to get exclusive content on visualisation and conscious living you can subscribe to my monthly newsletter on the Vibrational Beings home page.

Namaste x

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