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2019 is here and it just wouldn’t be right if our finances didn’t align. You know what? We have just the tool. This year Gold Pennies is dedicated to seeing you reach your full financial potential. It is all about starting with where you are. Don’t let debt stop you. Don’t hold back on your dreams. We have our December 2020 mission, to track and encourage you to meet your Dec-2020 goal. We can all win and smash this. By now, we are sure you have those ideas of where you intend 2019 to look like and we are committed to this too if you are? Take another step. There is another way to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Consider ways, to extend your finances further but before you do just that. Let’s have a quick penny health check. Check in next week, let’s assess those finances. Let’s pull out the magnifying glass, sit down, have a chat and plan properly. The first pay packet for the year is here. Slowly but surely we can slip back into old habits. So let’s be honest with ourselves and put together something that will assist your future well.

We want to be more practical and visible this year. Let’s connect with others that share a similar goal; to excel in our finances. We are introducing to you Penny Clinic, our inaugural Finance drop-in workshop that starts on the 19th February — just before the second pay packet comes in. We plan to meet at least monthly and increase the frequency to bi-weekly eventually. For now, it is a free drop-in session, so come along, we look forward to pressing forward with you.

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