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Bill Gates. Alice Walton. Jeff Bezos. Susanne Klatten. What do these people have in common? Well its safe to say that they are all financially alright. Your average university student on the other hand, might not be. And if you are that average university student you are probably scraping by, eating ramen several times a week, and struggling to find coins for your ever expensive laundry. Well if you have some free time (or are willing to give up some time hanging out in your friends room), then it might be time to consider starting a side hustle. If you are willing to take a couple hours each week to take up one of these activities, you might find yourself living more comfortably.

1. Tutoring

You are a student at the end of the day. That is your full time job. If you excel in any one subject, and think you could explain your thoughts to a peer, you could probably make an adequate tutor. There are always people who work as hard as they can, and put in unreasonable amounts of time to learn before a test but still will not do as well as you. Even when you were sitting on the couch watching Netflix the night before. Why not charge a few bucks to someone willing to pay for your services? After all, it will help you learn the content better too.

2. Personal trainer

Are you a gym rat? Passionate about fitness? Always trying to correct people on their form as you pass by them in the weight room? Why not make some money off what you are already doing? If you take a course lasting only a couple weeks to become a certified personal trainer, you could charge people for your time just for helping them reach their fitness goals. That might help satisfy you too.

3. Sell your junk

With E-Bay and Kijiji competing for your clientele, selling your unwanted items has never been easier. Instead of stashing away your five year old relics in a closet and looking at them for old times sake once in a while, convert that junk into cash. Like they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Go find out for yourself.

4. Rent a spare room on Airbnb

If you have read this far, you are probably a university student, meaning you are probably renting a space to live somewhere, meaning you probably have a couple friends living with you. If one of them is not home for a few nights of the year for whatever reason, ask them if they would be willing to rent out their bedroom on AirBnb, and ask them for a cut since you have to live with a stranger for the night. If they say no, then just rent out your own bedroom when you are not home.

5. Start a blog

Everyone has a passion for something. You might not be studying your passion at school, but you probably enjoy something in life. If you can think of what that might be, start a blog! It could be about Netflix, gardening, sports, or anything in between. It honestly doesn’t matter, because there will always be someone else who is interested in the same things, and is willing to take a few moments out of their day to read your tweets.

6. Walk some dogs

Who does not love dogs? If you had a hard time answering that question, you probably love dogs. If you want to spend time with dogs but do not have your own, become a dog walker. It’s the simplest way to get your exercise, teach yourself some responsibility, have some fun, and make some money. Just charge each dog owner per dog, and walk multiple dogs at once to entice yourself to go make some money on a frigid winter day.

7. Give music lessons

Do you know how to play an instrument? If you enjoy it, go find a peer who seems interested in learning what you know how to do. Music is the international language, with the ability to bring any two people together. Spread the love. You would be doing something pretty special.

8. Teach a language

Another one that requires a special skill or ability — teaching someone a language. You do not necessarily have to be bilingual though. Of course to teach someone how to speak you probably should be, however this extends to reading and writing as well. If you think you have a worthy résumé, and you have the patience to watch someone make mistakes time and time again, this might be the gig for you.

9. Shopify

Shopify is a fairly new platform that acts as an online shopping mall, and allows you to set up your own store at a low cost to sell your own products. If you want to become a part time retailer, your time is now. Just think of what you want to sell, purchase some product, set a price, and get to work.

10. HiRide

Finally, my favourite, HiRide. HiRide is an app that you can download on the App Store, or the GooglePlay Store for free, which creates affordable, and social long distance carpooling. If you’re a driver who commutes to university frequently, and often looks back at empty seats in the car praying that someone would hand you gas money as you pull over at the gas station… well… your prayers have been answered. HiRide allows you to post a ride from where you are leaving to where you are going, and allows you to set an asking price for passengers to ride in your vehicle with you. Why not make money for doing exactly what you were already doing. No extra time. No extra effort. Just extra cash.

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