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3 Ways to Optimise Your Productivity and Workflow!

Frontdoor is here to help real estate professionals dazzle your online clientele when they asked for help. Here is how you as real estate professionals can use Frontdoor to manage an influx of showing requests while focusing on enjoying some quality time with your special one:

Stay on time

Your online visitors and customers love timely responses. Frontdoor has tools that help agents respond faster and stay on top of every message. Use these tools to make sure every message gets a response, right when it’s needed:

  • Set a reminder to follow up with your customer and make sure you’ve completely resolved their issues.

Let your fellow agent know when you’re available

During a special week such as this one, real estate professionals change their online status to “unavailable” to keep their team in the loop. Any message the group gets can be moved back, so someone else can reply. Which means that anything urgent still got answered while you were enjoying your special day!

Plus, when you know who’s working, you know exactly who’s available to hop on a customer question/scheduling tours, when you’re in a crunch.

Here are metrics we’ll measure to help you stay on track:

  • Timing: What’s your busiest day of the week for certain listings? And the time of day? How many messages attached to listings are sent/inquiries?
  • Performance: What fellow agent had the top reaction time? Who’s sent the most replies? Who needs assistance?
  • Customer happiness: What’s your resolution time? In comparison to the rest of the year? How often are messages resolved on the first reply? How many online customers have you helped on certain channels?

We’d love to see other proptech companies do this too as well: transparency is a powerful way to hold ourselves accountable to partners and put pressure on ourselves to do better.

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Thanks again to everyone who’s joined Frontdoor and supported us so far. We can’t wait for what’s next 🚀

Frontdoor creates products that finally takes the guesswork out of receiving leads by managing and strengthening your relationships, with your online clientele. To date, we are backed by prolific operators/investors in the real estate tech space.

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