5 WAYS TO ATTRACT MORE MONEY INTO YOUR BIZ! – Camilla Kristiansen – Medium


When you run a business you have to make money. Most women struggle with this part. They think that there must be a secret formula on how others are doing it. There’s not.

The easy way to make money is to attract money. Money is energy at it can’t be created or destroyed. Meaning, there is enough for everyone, it’s up to you to align towards it. Get it?

Here are 5 ways to attract more money into your biz:

  • Decide how much money your are aligning towards. Is it 10k months or less? Whatever the number just stick to it and decide that it is done.
  • Look at how you practical can attract that money into your biz. What do you have to sell? Coaching packaging, VIP days, online courses, events etc. Look at the numbers and pick one or two things that you would like to focus on.
  • Start to tell people about what you have to sell. Do it on Instagram story, Facebook live, send out a newsletter, blog about it etc. Just be proud of what you have to sell and know that you will change lives when you sell this thing. It’s up to you to believe in what you have to sell, you have to be sold on yourself first.
  • Start to feel and think how it would be to attract that kind of money into your biz. How would you feel? Proud, safe, strong, amazing etc. then how would you think about money? That it’s there for you, that it was so easy all the time etc.
  • Look at all the limiting beliefs you have around money. Where do they come from? Do they serve you? Choose different beliefs like “money loves me” “There’s enough money in the Universe for me too”. “I am worthy of money” etc.

Those who create more will sell more. But if you have a hard time to attract money I suggest you look at what you believe about life and business and about money. Money is just a tool, it’s not good or bad. It’s natural. You deserve it just like everyone else does. Go out there now and be a super attractor for money.


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