Breakfast links: More married couples in the region are living with roommates

A growing share of married couples are adding roommates

The Washington region has the tenth-highest share of married couples with roommates in the country, with 1.39% of married couples taking in a roommate, a 66% increase from 2005 to 2009. Married renters are more likely to have roommates than are married homeowners.  (Nina Perry-Brown / Urban Turf)

China’s state-owned railcar company attended a Metro-sponsored site visit

As a potential sign of preparing to bid on Metro's $1-billion 8000-series railcar contract, China Railway Rolling Stock Corp. attended a Metro-sponsored site visit last month. The possibility of a foreign state-owned company winning the bid concerns some Metro board members, experts, and others who fear the potential use of the new railcars to conduct electronic spying.  (Faiz Siddiqui / Post)

Pedestrians were critically injured Monday night in DC and Prince George’s

DC police said “an accident involving a pedestrian” causing critical injuries occurred Monday night in the 1500 block of North Capitol Street. In a separate incident in Largo, Prince George's County, two pedestrians were critically injured Monday night after being struck by a driver.  (Martin Weil / Post)

Leaked maps show 14 routes for a new Chesapeake Bay bridge

A set of maps first reported by The Chestertown Spy and shared widely on social media show 14 potential locations for a new, third Chesapeake Bay bridge. The Maryland Transportation Authority plans to seek public input on the location this spring.  (Ethan McLeod / Baltimore Fishbowl)

Van Hollen revives the effort to move the FBI headquarters out of DC

Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen asked the General Services Administration to look at new locations for the FBI building outside of DC. Two are in Prince George’s County and one is in Fairfax County. The FBI abruptly ended its five-year search for a new location in 2017.  (Dominique Maria Bonessi / Post)

A mixed-use development is proposed for 145 undeveloped acres in Woodbridge

Gaithersburg-based Buchanan Partners is proposing 125,000 square feet of retail, 1,000 residential units, and about 200,000 square feet of office space for its “Quartz District” project on 145 acres near Potomac Mills in Woodbridge.  (Katie Arcieri / WBJ)

A new UDC institute looks at the intersection of DC history and local politics

The Institute of Politics Policy and History, a new nonpartisan research institute housed at the University of the District of Columbia, will host programs focused on DC history and its impact on contemporary politics and policy.  (Diane Goss / DC Line)

Rising enrollment in Baltimore schools is fueled by immigrants

In the growing Baltimore County school system, half of students are immigrants or speak a primary language other than English. Since October 1, more than 900 new students enrolled in the school system, and 710 of them either spoke English as a second language or did not speak English at all.  (Liz Bowie / Post)

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