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who knew digging graves was so vital…

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Question — What rules everything around you?

When God told the rich man in Luke 15 to give his money to the poor, he became sad because he was very rich. Personally, I think André felt that same sadness when he read this scripture.

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During your 20’s, much needed exploration presents answers to a lot of unanswered question. Questions like, who are you? What drives you? What are you passionate about? What do you stand for? What do you stand against? What rules everything around you?

If you’re brave enough to enter a relationship during this period of exploration, the ONLY way it will work is if each person helps the other to dig up old dirty graves.

Old dirty graves… What does that even mean?

Just about everyone knows that your childhood shapes who you are as an adult. Specifically however, I’ve found that it’s important to look back at your five year-old self. Now, I know that sounds crazy, but honestly, that is where you’ll find the root of your problems.

Sometimes looking back into your past can bring you so much comfort. But sometimes, it can feel just as torturing as pealing off your skin piece by piece.

As André’s partner, it’s my job to help him dig up his old dirty graves but to also make sure he paces himself. He can’t dig too deep prematurely, but he also can’t give up when things get hard and rocky.

“But that’s when Tiaira and I took a closer look.” — c.r.e.a.m — him.

Quick backstory: André grew up with two parents who worked their tails off to lead him on a path of better opportunities than they had. Seeing their hard work taught him to be the hustler he is today. What he didn’t learn is how easily you can fall into the trap of idolizing money. He had been working his entire life to be “rich”, so reading Luke was like a punch to the chest.

“For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God.” Luke 18:25

André and that rich man were hit with an ultimatum… do you want to be rich or do you want to enter the Kingdom of God?

Now to clarify, Jesus isn’t saying that rich people can‘t get into heaven. He is saying that it is hard.

He understands the hold money can truly have on people, and he understands how easy it is to allow it to become more important than himself. Without having a gravedigger girlfriend, André would have missed it — his chance to choose God.

So here’s something to think about: Are you grave digging? If you are in a relationship, do you assist your partner with the pain when things from the past seem unbearable?

Ask yourself, what are you allowing to rule everything around you?

Comment and let us know.

The Gravedigger,


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