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First app to invest in real estate — Fleming Capital

For the longest time, people have been creating massive amounts of wealth by simply investing their money into real estate. I have seen first hand the opportunities that investing in these large properties can bring. Apartment complexes, condominiums, and even storage units can bring in a staggering amount of profit every single month but require a large amount of up-front capital to purchase.

At Fleming Capital, we pride ourselves in being the first company to combine the ease of online investing with real estate investing. We are launching a beta signup to allow anyone to receive early access to the app at

Encouraging more people to get involved in real estate investing is one of our top priorities, so we decided that we would give everyone that signs up a unique code to share with their friends. Whoever has the most referrals with their code, wins $1,000 to use towards their first investment once the app is launched.

In a perfect world, everyone has the opportunity to have a stable source of income. I hope that you will join us on this journey and help everyone become financially stable.

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