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People looking for opportunities of earning online. I did that around 1 years ago and found the ways to earn online. Those ways are just mind-blowing. I don’t know that something like that exist somewhere. I mean you predict the tweet and you earn. You watch the video you earn. That’s the easiest money I have ever created.

I am a YouTuber having 3 youtube channels. I am also working as a freelancer on Fiverr providing business ideas to the people. As a student, I was like doing whatever possible to get some easy money in least time. So, I started searching some other ways and when I get it. I was shocked.

Do you know, there is a website, Emotionminer, which give you money to watch a video. I know, what you are thinking, HOW?

It is based on simple logic,

Humans can recognize emotions. Computers can’t. Under the hood you’re teaching artificial intelligence what we look like when we are happy, confused, surprised, etc. Contribute to neuroscience and help Neurodata Lab get one step closer to development of a system that can recognize and interpret human emotions.

What they do is, they show you videos of celebrity interviews, talk shows, stand-up comedy(though i didn’t get any till now) and convert them into fragments of 5 second each. Everytime you see the fragment, you have to choose what emotion does the interviewee have.

The payment works like $5 for watching 75 minutes, $15 for 225 minutes and some other tiers, which you can payout using PayPal or Payoneer. Let me give you my personal opinion, it works like charm. But spending, 75 minutes watching the video and choosing the options it took 90 minutes and its a little boring if the chat doesn’t interest you.

Another one is PredictIt

It is one of the interesting market. If you are well aware about politics and well-updated about it daily, this is for you. They ask questions and people bet on answers. Questions like:

Will Trump be impeached in his 1st term?

You can see the more question like this:

You just predict what will be the outcome put your shares on it and if your prediction is right you can take your shares with profits. Isn’t it cool.

I know, there are several other sites available providing same kind of stuff and still I am unaware of. These two sites really let me made money without losing a drop of sweat.

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