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2019 is the year where Blockchain Games will be more revolutionary.. Let me introduce you the best and hyped blockchain game ever & it’s LORDLESS .

Where you can earn money just doing some timely daily tasks, holding a tavern , trading NFT contracts, claiming free airdrops, playing in luckyblocks , solving crypto puzzles , community quiz and more…


Now i am giving you some of the best examples how you will earn money and able to increase your portfolio with LORDLESS…

#* Different rolls in LORDLESS

  • HOST :- The host posts a quest to reach the desired goal. In the world of LORDLESS, the Quest host is the publisher of all quests and the provider of all quest rewards.
  • TAVERN MASTER :- The owner of a tavern is the Tavern master. Once you become a master, you get the right to buy and sell the tavern, as well as take the cut of rewards.
  • BOUNTY HUNTER :- Bounty hunters can take the quests posted by the host in different taverns. When they complete the quest, the bounty hunter will reap a corresponding reward.

#* Claiming candies/tokens from Taverns:-

So basically, Taverns are the NFT contracts(ERC721) by lordless. Only 30 Taverns are there now, maximum number will be release in future only 4000.

In every 4 hours Taverns generate new candies/tokens for its claimer & as well they are keep generating earnings for their master. Each Bounty Hunter will get 35 AP (action point) for claiming the candies from the Taverns. so, we will have 35*6= 210 AP(action points) for claiming our favourite tokens everyday…

#* Claiming free airdrops :-

LORDLESS distribute selfdrops/airdrops of different ethereum tokens, which are given by tokens project itself..we just need to hit the claim button & rewards will be credited instantly in our connected wallet. so, its a greatest way to grab tokens instantly without waiting for any airdrops. Actually Lordless give us the opportunity to utilize the beauty of smart contract transections…

#* Playing in LUCKY BLOCKS :-

These are called LORDLESS LuckyBlocks…

A little bit gamble with fun, & mostly everytime you play, you never go home with empty pockets. The game winning probabilities are very well performed by verified smart contract calculations and hashes ,so its very fair.. And the wining ratios are very good, not like the other gambling platforms who gives you nothing but just hope… haha.. its a great fun to unlock a LuckyBlock 🎁 … 🙂

#* TAVERNS & Trading in Opensea

As I told before Taverns are the NFT contracts of LORDLOESS & these are the back bone of LORDLESS eco system.

Basically, Taverns are generating revenues in different samrt contract calculations and methods depending on its LEVEL ,for its owner and some for the bounty hunters as well. So, you will be a Tavern Master or you will be a Bounty Hunter…

when you own a Tavern you are the Master & you have the full rights on it. So, a master can keep it in the game and get revenues from it by generating by itself …

A Tavern is tradable in Opensea market . Masters will also get more values just trading those on open market…

Opensea link:-

The Tavern earnings and your caimed candies are collected as My earnings, & you have wrap it as a Bounty Chest for its withdraw. i am giving you 2 described articles for it .These will help you.


Bounty chest is also a NFT contract by LORDLESS ,a smart new feature to collect bounties and wrap it and also its tradable in opensea market .it is a good way to grab some more earnings from Lordless… Everytime the bounty chest cots a token called HOPS for unwrapping it, and people will get the HOPS by depositing in various HELD packs..

HELD is also a smarter way for token lock and your token security. After the maturity period players will able to withdraw the deposited LORDLESS (LESS )tokens . In other way players reinvest the LESS tokens again & again and utilize all the other tokens from it. people will have different strategies. That is the best part of Lordless. so, basically players will get minimal 120% revenues back from their investments…

opensea link:-

#* Solving Crypto puzzles… #joker

Lordless have their own crypto puzzles based on different themes ,which are reloaded with lots of ETH + Tokens + unique Lordless:Puzzle card. Each unsolved week the rewards increases to 2x on its base prize amount… its also a great way to earn more and sharpen our brains…

some times puzzles are so easy, but we never try the easy way to solve it… XD

#* Participating in daily trivia :-

Except all of these everyday we can win lots of LORDLESS (LESS) tokens and other rewards just participating in daily trivia in their Telegram community. its also fun to earn some more rewards with some knowledge…

These are some great facts that you can do in LORDLESS…

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Thanks for reading …:)

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