Optimize Your Yard for Maximum Pet Fun

Optimize Your Yard for Maximum Pet Fun | RISMedia, RISMedia
Optimize Your Yard for Maximum Pet Fun RISMedia RISMedia

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

By John Voket

If you’re thinking about giving your yard a little makeover, consider your pets in the process.
The nonprofit Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (opei.org) tossed their leash around some super tips to help you be “backyard ready” for pet fun once spring has sprung.

Tune up your turf. A sturdy grass lawn can take the pounding and activity of an active pooch.

Create a dog-friendly backyard. Soft foliage, sturdy turfgrass, smooth stones, and dog toys can help your pet feel at home. Add a water station so your pet can hydrate.

Plan for fun. Set up an area for your dog to dig, such as a digging box or digging bed. Add chew toys in the dirt (leave one poking out) to help your dog get the idea. Or, a canine obstacle course can provide hours of fun if you have the space.

Planting boundaries. Place plants close together to designate as off-limits and train your dog to avoid them. Leave open areas for your dog to run and play.

Avoid toxic and harmful plants. Dogs don’t naturally avoid toxic plants and many will eat plants that are not safe for consumption like carnations, chrysanthemums, daffodils, hostas, ivy, lilies, morning glories, tomatoes, and tulips.

Look for and eliminate hazards. Certain paved or sandy surfaces may get too hot for your pet to walk on comfortably, and tiny pebbles, thorns, or gravel can get caught in paws.

Check your fence. A fence is an important safety feature, so do needed repairs to make sure it’s solid and locks are working properly. And if you use an invisible fence, make sure it is properly working and that your pet knows the boundaries.

Set up for shade (and naps). Your dog will need a place to relax after a busy day of play. A tree or bush can provide shade for your pet. A dog house also provides a great place for your four-footed friend to take an afternoon snooze.

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