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To the $10,000 debt-relief sweepstakes I applied for that would have only made a dent in my student debt,

To the Aruba trip for two that may or may not have been a scam and/or sold one of my email addresses to advertisers,

To the brand new Macbook Air and iPhone XR that technology website was using as bait to get people to subscribe to their newsletter,

To numerous $500 gift cards to retailers that would have probably gone under by the time I won one of them,

To the Ninja Blender giveaway I entered despite not wanting to get in on the juice trend,

To the “$5,000 a Week Forever Prize” sweepstakes one has to have four-leaf clovers out the wazoo to win,

To the contests for concert tickets for bands I don’t even like,

To the kitchen redecorating prize I submitted entries for despite not having a kitchen of my own, or a house in my name, for that matter,

To the winery gift card that would have been useless to me since I don’t like wine, even if my entry happened to be pulled by the company,

To the “spring cleaning” prize of cleaning supplies I applied for despite having adequate cleaning supplies already,

To the book giveaways containing literature I could easily have gone to the library to check out,

To the Instagram makeup giveaways I followed numerous beauty gurus to enter despite not liking makeup,

And lastly,

To that freaking contest I entered so I could hang out with my favorite celebrity that I probably didn’t enter because the website screwed up my entry form,

Thank you.

Thank you for causing me to sign up for email subscription services that fill up my spam folder.

Thank you for making me agree to countless terms and conditions that may have contained me giving my soul to the devil. I didn’t read them, so I don’t know.

Thank you for getting me addicted to a dopamine high caused by the hope that I would actually win something by entering these popular contests and the wrong thought that I was actually accomplishing something by entering them in the first place.

Because you have made me realize something, with my failing to reap any positive rewards from you.

I don’t want anything from you.

I suppose, in a way, I did win something-a greater desire for autonomy.

Because I would rather earn $5,000 a week putting in hard work into something I enjoy that is also a benefit to society.

Because I would rather have a Macbook, a trip to Aruba, and a Ninja Blender that was purchased by me and for me with my own money. Rather than just given to me by a contest.

Sure, winning things is great. I won an iPod Touch once when I was younger, along with some movie tickets, and both of these were given to me by dentists. It was pretty awesome.

But I get more satisfaction when I buy it myself. Because I earned the money I bought it with. And I earned the product I bought by proxy.

Besides, you shipping me the items I’ve won would have constituted a waste of cardboard and contributions to the carbon in our atmosphere.

So I may win in the short-term, but everyone loses in the long-term. Thanks to you.


A broke person who will find more practical ways to no longer be broke.

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