Top 5 Tools to Help Trading and Investing – One Eye Open – Medium

1. TradingView

I’m starting with a basic necessity that I find is often neglected by small investors, the humble candlestick chart. While a lot of brokers will offer their own charting tools, helpfully utilising your specific transaction rates, their platforms can often leave a lot to be desired. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to move away from line charts. Despite their popularity on broker platforms as a move to avoid intimidating first-time investors, candle-stick charts are a must. TradingView helpfully offers live charts on a wide variety of instruments at no charge, as well as complex technical analysis and back-testing tools. It will even connect to your broker for easy order placement if you’re with one of their compatible broker options.

2. Yahoo! Finance

Of all the big names in tech, Yahoo! has fallen from grace over the years, with Google undoubtedly dominating the search market, they’ve had to move into other sectors. Yahoo! Finance represents easily one of the best free financial tools available, with a variety of tools such as fundamental analysis, financials, charts, portfolio management, watchlists, and news. Whenever I’m considering an instrument for investment, you can be sure Yahoo! is one of the first places I turn to.

3. Financial Times

The reigning champion of economic and financial news in my day to day life, the FT is a great way to keep up with events your national news is unlikely to cover. While it may hurt your street-cred, you really don’t need to shell out the high price for their notorious beige-papered broadsheet, as they publish almost all of their content on their website for free. On top of news, they also offer my favourite portfolio management platform, capable of handling portfolios with multiple instrument types as well as cash. The only let down with the FT is their securities analysis. While it looks quite nice, it is quite shallow, and doesn’t hold a candle to the level of data available quickly on Yahoo! Finance.

4. Zacks Investment Research

One of the much more recognised names in the realm of finance, Zacks has been in the business of analysing and recommending investment opportunities for some time now. While their website is a little dated, they offer a lot of valuable tools for free, including ratings on a large variety of US equities and their suitability for different investment styles. The only downside? Zacks has almost no coverage of securities outside of the United States, as someone who invests a lot in the UK market, Zacks sits in the back fo my mind rather than at the forefront of my strategy.

5. Estimize

As someone with a primarily buy-and-hold investment strategy, earnings season is a source of a lot of stress rather than an influx of opportunity. Regardless of your investment style, Estimize is a great platform through which to navigate the tumultuous, seemingly never-ending earnings season. Allowing a large sample of investors and analysts to pitch their two-cents on a companies upcoming EPS and revenue, you can get a much better idea of how your portfolio may be effected, or which securities to watch when you sit down with your coffee waiting for the bell to ring.

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