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From Someone Who Never Had a Lot of It.

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People keep saying money doesn’t bring happiness. I would like to find that out for myself.

If I’m broke and panicked, I’m irresponsible. If I’m broke and calm, then I’m wise and deep.

If your goal is to just never overdraft, then your balance will always hang suspiciously around $0, even in times of plenty. It’s important to have a goal of…more than $0 in the bank.

Beginner finance, right?

When you’re broke, eating something with lots of cheese and sauce almost makes up for it.

A bank recently rejected my request to have a checking account there and I didn’t even wonder why. My feelings were more like, “yeah, fair.”

I need to trick myself into saving. Having more taken out of my paycheck to cover things was the best. How else can I trick myself into independence?

I laugh when I get emails asking for payments. Sometimes I wish them luck in their endeavor.

Going to Las Vegas broke is totally do-able if you’re willing to be around really weird people. But that’s fine by me, because I am weird people.

Everyone assumes that being smart/good in school means you’ll be financially successful. I am a fantastic example of this not being true.

You can travel cheaply if you’re willing to stay in hostels, wash dishes, or otherwise work for room and board. If you don’t care where you go, even better.

Sometimes my health insurance plan is “guess I’ll just die” or “My tia recommended this witch doctor” or “I’m sure that’s nothing and will go away on its own.”

Once my student loan company called and said I would never be able to buy a house if my credit was bad. I literally started laughing. They didn’t know how to respond to that.

Oh no! I’ll never be able to buy a house or a boat! Because that was high on my list.

My credit is better now though. I really am trying to care about things like buying a house. It’s hard, though, because my default is to laugh my ass off at the idea of buying…well, anything.

I have pacts with about 14 people that if they become rich, I can live in the guest bedroom. Other people have this pact with me as well. I suspect we will all disappoint one another.

I do what I love. I kind of have to, because I’ll never retire.

I laugh at memes about going to the club while broke and buying a shot worth $5 with $6 in the bank, and then I’m bummed by how many likes/comments such a post has.

I’m glad there are other people out there like me…for the emotional support, but also bummed that there are so many.

I love when people tell me my generation murdered/killed/slaughtered certain industries. Yup, that was my secret agenda. To kill Applebee’s and the engagement ring business. You got me. I wasn’t just trying to eat this whole time. I am a murderer of frozen foods and artificially overpriced rocks.

Got me.

Me in my secret lair with the other millennials and Gen Z, picking which industry to murder next, in our secret society.

I am knocking down my fear of money from all angles — the fear of being poor, and the fear of being wealthy. ❤

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