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Track Your Day-to-day Expenses

Most budgeting tools give you a list of categories and ask you to determine how much you’re going to spend within each one during a month. We’ve all been there — trying to figure out how much we might spend on groceries or gas in a month. This process is both impossible and unnecessary.

The beauty with Weekly is that once you’ve accounted for your recurring expenses you’re free to spend the rest of your money however you like. No categorizing needed! If you spend more money this week on eating out, and less on groceries and clothes, that’s totally fine — as long as don’t spend more than your allowance. We believe the absence of categories supports you spending money in the way that brings the most joy.

You can track your daily spending directly in the Weekly app on the Tracker Page. Each purchase will decrease your allowance for that week. Any remainder (or deficit) at the end of the week can be rolled into the next week’s allowance. Unexpected income like birthday money or a bonus or non-recurring income like tips or commissions can also be added to your allowance.

Operating on a Weekly Basis

With a name like Weekly, it’s not surprising that our budgeting system uses weekly intervals. A week is short enough to make managing your money feasible. Knowing that you have a set amount to spend each week can help you decide if you would rather go out to the movies or buy some new clothes. With Weekly, you can see how much you have left for the week, so it’s easier to protect yourself from overspending.


When budgeting gets too complicated, the likelihood of failure increases. Most tools today make budgeting harder than it needs to be. By understanding what expenses you have already committed to, Weekly gives you a single weekly allowance. This simple approach removes the noise and allows you to spend your money in a way that brings you joy. Weekly is redefining budgeting to help you simplify your life.

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