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What to expect when viewing a Rent To Own Home with Home Buyers Inventory

  1. Drive by.

First impressions aren’t always correct. We have had some homes that look small from the outside but have spacious living areas, bedrooms and back yards. . Even before the viewing, you should go and see the property from the outside. Often this is enough to know a property is for you. You can get a good feel for the neighbourhood by driving around nearby streets too. It’s worth doing this both during the day and at night to assess the neighborhood. If you find it’s a great fit, make an appointment to view the home. Do so asap, you do not want to miss out.

The person who goes through the 5 steps of the process with Home Buyers Inventory first, get the keys to the home.

2. Be prepared.

Make a list of the questions you want to ask before the house viewing. Once you’re in the house it’s easy for things to slip your mind.

3. Take a friend.

Never go to a viewing alone. Either take a partner or friend, Not only is it safer, it’s always great to have someone to bounce design and furniture placement ideas off of.

4. Check the outside of the property.

So many of our properties have a garage, fenced back yard and even great decks to sit on and enjoy your new home.

5.Be thorough.

Remember, this is one of the biggest purchases in your life. No one will blame you for being nosy. Check cupboards and closets, . You can look in the attic and basement to, and take a flashlight. At Home Buyers Inventory we make sure all safety & concern issues on the property inspection report has been.

6. Check the utility company if you are new to paying your own utilities.

You can call the local utility companies and provide the address. Ask them to give you the average usage. Remember, it will all depend on how many people are and will be living in the home for a fair comparison. But it may provide a baseline to start from.

7. Be friendly.

Building a rapport with a seller will make you more memorable, which is always helpful when you want the home. A good relationship with great communication is what drives a smooth transition from you renting to becoming a Tenant Buyer with Home Buyers Inventory.

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