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I blame them for not innovating, I blame them for thinking about their own forefathers more than about the future of all people that they could influence in extremely substantial ways.

I blame them for being cruel to people, just so that they themselves can continue to live as kings and to feel superior.

I blame them for finding excuses to continue with a perverted game.

I blame them for having destroyed the entrepreneurial, economic, social and financial ecosystem in Germany. We have no true, very rich superheroe-heirs in Germany because all of them have chosen to lie and to run away from their responsibility to innovate and to bring forward our country as a united whole.

Their money is inherited. It was not born out of their own, inner strength and power.

I am full of blame for the heirs in Germany, I hold this blame very high, I am ashamed to see the wealthiest people of my country act in such ways and I demand an honest, open and future-oriented conversation to take place about how they should and must use their possibilities in order to stop the madness that, they too, have created, a madness that will most probably ruin us all because of our extreme national fragmentation.

I blame you for blaming me for speaking the truth.

Written with all my heart on the 18th of April 2019.

Paula Schwarz

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