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The Million Dollar Project: 1 goal. 1 million. 1 year.

It always seems impossible; until it’s done.

Ever since I was 16 years old, I’ve been telling my mom that I’d someday buy her that apartment in Southern Europe that she’d always wanted. Preferably in Turkey or Greece, if you were to ask her. She would always just smirk at me when I said it, assuming that she would be able to buy it with her pension before I ever became financially stable myself. My mother always believed in me, but I surely would also understand if she decided not to.

Money = Freedom = Happiness.
I am aware that this statement is highly controversial and alot of people will argue that the road to happiness has nothing to do with money. Well, this equation proves you wrong, according to my own personal beliefs. I’ll simplify it through an example.

Ask yourself, would you rather:

A) Wake up at 7 AM, get dressed, go to the shitty job you absolutely hate, pretend to like your boss for 8 hours, go home, sleep, eat, wake up, repeat.

B) Wake up whenever the fuck you feel like and do whatever the fuck you feel like. “Ah, I feel like baguettes for breakfast, let’s take the private jet to Paris.”

I think you already know the answer. It’s not about the money, it’s about the freedom that comes with having it.

Childhood dreamers are more likely to succeed.

A trait most successful entrepreneurs have in common is called passion. We’re all born with it, I mean it’s a human attribute. Some just have more than others. Throughout our life, our degree of passion towards a certain subject may increase or decrease. Take me as an example; I used to play soccer 2x a week for a period of three years when I was a kid. When I grew older, I simply lost the interest and the passion. As a result, I now suck at soccer.

But one thing that’s always been on my mind and continue to be so? Money. Growing up, I’ve always known the importance of money. Even though I didn’t get everything served on a silver platter, I’ve never actually needed anything. My mother made sure of that. She never had a lot of money and was always working long hours to provide for me and my brothers. I have nothing but respect for this. And I think it is exactly this; seeing my mother struggle, that has planted this seed, this dream, inside of me.

As far back as I remember, I’ve always wanted to make so much money that money would never again be an issue for any of my relatives, let alone my mom. Some people want to grow up and become famous rockstars or pilots or scientists, and it is more often than not, those people who have that fire inside of them, the passion to make it happen. I believe myself to be made of exactly the same fabric, except with a twist. My dream is not limited to a single job or occupation. I mean, I could settle with being a factory worker for the rest of my life, if it’d make my family financially independent. Yet, you and I both know that’s not how it works.

“And if I have to be completely honest; what scares me the most isn’t failing, but never actually trying.”

Enough talk about motive. Let’s talk about credibility. Why would you believe me? Why should you stick around for a year to find out if I actually succeed with this extreme project? Well, you shouldn’t. I don’t need you to believe in me. See this is the thing:

We seek other peoples approval for everything we do. Think about it. You call your mom to ask if you would be the right candidate for this new job you’ve seen online. You talk to your girlfriends about this new guy you’ve met. And with the rise of social media, it’s becoming even worse. Now we seek the approval of people we don’t even know. It feels good when you receive 50 likes on that new selfie you’ve just posted, right?

In the end, what really matters, is your own damn self approval. We’re all born with a moral compass that we use to navigate through this demanding decision making game that we call life. Whatever choices you make: you will have to live with them. Not your friend who said it was a good or bad idea, but you. So do you really think it matters what everyone else think? They won’t have to live with consequences of your choices.

And if I have to be completely honest; what scares me the most isn’t failing, but never actually trying. It started with the goal of buying my mom that apartment I promised her. It then changed into making a million before I hit my 30’s, which is an easy thing to do if you can just live frugally while working full time.

I know myself though. I know how I tend to procrastinate. Procrastination scares me. I could be sitting in my wheelchair at eighty years old and have procrastinated my whole life away. So a million before my 30’s was way to easy. Here we are.

1 goal. 1 million. 1 year.

Let’s go.

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