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We’d like to introduce the wamo team and share a bit about what motivates us, what we stand for and just the sort of people we are. At wamo we aim to be transparent and down to earth while providing you with an out-of-this-world product and experience. We are really excited to be bringing wamo to you soon. In the meantime, this is us!

(Interviewed by mad4digital at Wework in Primrose Street, London)

Q: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Every new day brings with it a new opportunity to prove that we are on the right path, another chance to prove our worth on the planet earth,to move a step towards goals,to realize dreams, so this is the driving force that makes me get up in the morning.

Q: What book are you reading right now? Any good?

The Innovators written by Walter Isaacson. Awesome, aspiring book. Isaacson — always interested in what makes some people truly significant and others merely dreamers or money makers — focuses on the need for sensitivity to the ability of computers to complement, instead of replace, human intelligence.

Q: Which 3 people are sat around your dream dinner table?

Buddha, Steve Jobs and Haruki Murakami.

Q: Worst job you’ve had?

To be honest, I can’t recall any bad ones, even the worst job has its challenges and builds character.

Q: What’s your proudest career achievement?

wamo and being a proud member of the nextmarkets team.

Q: What’s wrong with banking?

Don’t get me started on that! Banks are supposed to be part of the solution, but really (and especially lately) they are part of the problem. It isn’t our problem either it is mostly of their own making.

Q: What’s your biggest annoyance when it comes to banking/ personal finance?

Transaction fees, we absolutely have no way to fight back. It is too monopolistic all we can do is challenge it.

Q: What’s the future of money?

Digital, instant and transparent.

Q: Is crypto here to stay?

We strongly believe so. The practice of innovation isn’t just about creating new products, it’s about discovering completely new markets that meet previously unknown and untapped needs.

Let’s talk about wamo

Q: wamo is a hybrid money app. What does that mean exactly?

It means that it treats crypto the same as regular currencies. In the same way that a hybrid car switches from gas to electric when appropriate. Digital currencies are the future so wamo is future-ready because it’s hybrid.

Q: What makes wamo unique?

It’s unique in how it interacts with blockchain technology by providing a solution around user experience and simplicity.

Q: There’s lots of utopian talk around what blockchain could achieve for society. What do you see as its greatest potential?

We will be able to perform transactions worldwide in a span of 30 minutes at a very tiny cost. That, by definition, will be good for humankind.

Q: Who is most likely to benefit from using wamo?

Everyday people — and nowadays that means people like us who have both a virtual (or digital) life and a ‘IRL’ life.

Q: What’s your vision for wamo?

We strongly believe we can transform how value is exchanged and make that experience effortless in every way.

Q: We’re doing this interview in London where wamo will be launching soon. We know you love London — what are some of the things you love about it?

London has been a magnet for creative spirits for centuries. From William Shakespeare to Jimi Hendrix and J.K. Rowling — the great and the good of the art world have been inspired by London. It still attracts the very best!

Q: Finally, what would you say to someone about to download your app?

Please give us as much feedback as possible, wamo is for all of us and we can only make it better with your support.

Yanki Önen is Founder of wamo Enterprise, the global fintech company on a mission to make it possible for everyone, anywhere to access the digital economy. An entrepreneurial finance strategist with a passion for emerging technologies.

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