10 housing markets where homebuyers are pouring in
housing markets where homebuyers are pouring in

Consumers always want more bang for their buck and are moving to places where their dollar goes further.

“Many of the buyers I work with are moving away from expensive places in California to escape high taxes, traffic, and natural disasters,” Van Welborn, a Phoenix-area Redfin agent, said in a press release.

Housing affordability continues to be an issue and forces homebuyers to look outside their own cities and states for areas offering more home for the same or less money. With that in mind, certain metros are emerging as popular places to call home.

“People are feeling more confident about the economy and now feel financially secure enough to make a cross-country move to a metro where their money will go further,” Daryl Fairweather, Redfin chief economist, said in a press release. “Homeownership may be out of reach for current residents of San Francisco or New York, but there are plenty of affordable homes and lower taxes in places like Phoenix, Atlanta and Austin. As more workers move to these places, there is a chicken-and-egg phenomenon where more companies open offices, which attracts even more workers.”

From east of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Valley of the Sun, these are the 10 housing markets with the highest influx of people, according to Redfin.

The data, ranked by greatest levels of net inflow, is based on a Redfin analysis of more than 1 million home listing searches across 87 metros during the first quarter.

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